Music — Dual Degree

Bachelor Of Arts Degree Or Bachelor Of Science Degree With A Major In Music

If you definitely want music to be a big part of your life but you’re not sure if you want it to be your day job, Bradley’s program offers you the opportunity to combine music with another major or minor.

Preparing You For Success

As a musician, you know that music develops abilities that can lead to success outside the concert hall. Pursuit of excellence, working in small and large groups with your peers and growing from constructive criticism are examples of skills transferable to many professions. Bradley’s music curriculum provides you with great performance opportunities and outstanding academics. You’ll take applied lessons, perform in ensembles and engage in coursework that includes music theory, ear-training, sight singing, piano and music history. These experiences give you versatile performance skills you can continue to use throughout your life.

The dual degree program allows you to pair music with a second major or minor. Current students are studying music and electrical engineering, music and psychology, music and nursing, to just name a few. By the time you graduate, your experiences may include:

  • Numerous public performances
  • Music study abroad
  • The Hollywood Semester
  • Professional networking in your chosen career path

Making Your Mark

The job opportunities for the dual degree program are endless. Recent Bradley graduates went on to law school, music therapy programs, music ministry and engineering positions. Each of them has discovered a pathway of success using their dual degree.

Major Requirements

Required Courses - 41 hrs.

  • Applied Music (min. of 4 semesters) - 8 hrs.
  • Ensemble (each semester) - 4-8 hrs.
  • MUS 001: Recital Lab (each semester) - 0 hrs.
  • MUS 161: Music Theory I - 2 hrs.
  • MUS 162: Music Theory II - 2 hrs..
  • MUS 163: Elementary Ear-Training and Sight-singing - 1 hr.
  • MUS 164: Elementary Ear-Training and Sight-singing - 1 hr.
  • MUS 165: Keyboard Skills-Class Piano - 2 hrs.
  • MUS 166: Keyboard Skills-Class Piano - 2 hrs.


Two of the following:

  • MUS 380: Western Music to 1750 - 3 hrs.
  • MUS 381: Western Music 1750-Present - 3 hrs.
  • MUS 382: Music & World Cultures - 3 hrs.
  • MUS 383: History of American Music - 3 hrs.
  • Music Electives - 9-12 hrs.