Session 13 Wednesday-Thursday, August 17-18


Students and their parents/supporters are not required to provide evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or a Bradley approved religious or medical exemption to attend Orientation. However, if you or your parent(s)/supporter(s) are displaying COVID-19 symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 within 5 days of your scheduled session, please contact the Orientation office and we will work with you to reschedule your session. Evidence of vaccination or a Bradley approved religious or medical exemption will be required to attend Bradley in the fall. All students and parents/supporters are required to wear masks or facial coverings when indoors at all Orientation events. We will send a final reminder email within a week of your scheduled session and/or post any COVID-19 campus updates/changes on these pages as well.

Orientation Schedules

The 2022 Orientation schedules will be made available closer to the beginning of summer sessions so please continue to check back. However, for student and parent/supporter schedule highlights, check-in location, tentative programmatic start and finish times and a brief explanation of the parent/supporter fee please click onto the Programmatic Details tab.

Below, please read through the step-by-step orientation registration process:

STEP 1: BUnetID and Password Activation

Students MUST activate their BUnetID and set a new password in order to register for an orientation session. A short 90 second tutorial video is available below. Once you have finished watching, please go to your Bradley Bound page and log in with the email address you have been using. Please note it may take up to 24 hours for our systems to recognize that your BUnetID was activated and before you can register for an orientation session under Step #6 at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, please review the remaining steps to see what is needed from you throughout the orientation process.

Opting in or out of emergency text messaging alert system

Students MUST opt in or out of the foreWarn Emergency Text Messaging system on their MyBU page by hovering over the “My Info” tab, clicking onto the third item down titled “Emergency Text Messaging” and following the prompts. Students will have a hold placed on their account until this step is complete.

STEP 2: Discuss Preferred Session with Parents/Supporters

Before registering for an orientation session, talk with the one or two guests who are coming with you, and the date that works best for everyone. Once you begin the registration process, we will ask you to select an orientation session. Again, you are allowed to have a maximum of two additional people accompany you to your session. You can make certain changes in the reservation system up to two weeks prior to your assigned session, the changes you can make will be listed in your confirmation email after you register. Within two weeks, you will need to contact the orientation office for any changes. Please note, to add an additional guest any time after you initially register for a session you will have to call or email us. Our contact information is listed above.

Refund Policy: Meals, staffing, materials and linens are ordered in advance. To cancel a reservation, either call or email our office. A 72-hour cancellation notice BEFORE the assigned Orientation session begins is required for a refund. No refunds can be issued within 72 hours of your scheduled session.

STEP 3: Review confirmation e-mail after registering for Orientation

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after you complete the registration process, which is at the bottom of the page under Step #6. Within the confirmation, you will find information about payment, pre-orientation action items and links to click onto for what to bring, hotel accommodations for guests, and programmatic details. If you are having trouble locating our emails, please review trash, spam, and/or promotions folders, especially if you have a Gmail account.

STEP 4: Accessing Math and World Language assessments

Math Assessment

All students are required to take the math assessment, even those with AP, Dual or IB credit one to two weeks prior to your orientation session. The sooner this is completed, the sooner required math and science courses for your major can be added to your fall class schedule. Within 48 hours of registering for a session under Step #6, you will be eligible to take the math assessment. You must do so ASAP as advisors and academic departments may be reaching out to discuss these scores with you, which will determine placement into math and chemistry courses in the fall, if needed.

Students are able to retake the math test up to three times but the first attempt must be completed as soon as possible. Even if you are taking a math course currently that would boost your score later, you are encouraged to complete the math assessment ASAP. This will allow you to view your placement and determine if you should test again, which will likely result in an improved score and the most accurate math and chemistry if needed. Students will need to complete a prep-and-learning module before they can test again, the total time required here is approximately 10 hours and should be completed in 2-3 hour blocks per day.

If you were to change your major into a program of study that requires higher than Bradley Core Curriculum math, we need to have a score on file for you. Learn more general information about the Bradley ALEKS Math Placement Assessment.

Accessing and Taking the Math Assessment

The assessment is housed in our Canvas course called “Starting Off”. The instructions with screenshots to access "Starting Off" are below. Please check your computer's setup and installation for Lockdown Browser. If you are having difficulty with the Lockdown Browser, please shut down and restart your computer to make sure no other programs are running besides the Lockdown Browser. It is recommended to take this assessment on a computer or tablet versus your phone. Additionally, some students have run into past issues using a Chromebook. If these or other issues are preventing you from taking the assessment, please email the Academic Success Center at success@fsmail.bradley.edu for assistance.

Language Placement Test

Bradley currently offers an online language assessment in French, Spanish, and Chinese. Students who have taken Arabic previously and wish to continue in the language should contact the Department Chair. Please review this section to determine whether or not a language placement test is right for you:

  • Students who studied a foreign language in high school or at another college or university and who wish to continue studying the same language at Bradley University must take a placement test before enrolling in a language course. Unlike the math assessment, students only take the world language placement one time.
  • While language coursework is required for the Bachelor of Arts degree, not all students are required to complete language coursework. Consult with your advisor to determine how it fits with your program.
  • If language courses are not required in your major, you may still want to consider developing your language skills or pursuing a language minor. Even as elective credits, time spent in language coursework will improve your marketability after graduation. Students who place at the 102 (second semester level) or higher can also earn extra retroactive credit. A student who places in Spanish 201 (Spanish 3) for example, can earn 8 extra Bradley credits. For more information go to their website.
  • If you are interested in language courses it is best to take them sooner rather than later. If you wait you will have forgotten words and your language skills will be rusty.
  • If you are unsure whether or not to take the language placement exam, we generally recommend you complete it and have the score on file. There is no cost to you for the test, and having the score may increase your options for course offerings in the future.

The World Language Placement Exam is now available and needs to be completed by one to two weeks prior to your orientation session. Unlike the math assessment, students only take the language placement exam once.

STEP 5: Student Health Form

Illinois State Law requires that students have a completed health form, including an immunization history, which includes evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or a Bradley approved medical or religious exemption, on file with Health Services. A doctor's physical is not required. access and download the updated Health Form. Please continue to check back for the most up-to-date form that you can download and complete later. The health form should be completed and returned to Bradley Health Services, Bradley University, 1501 W. Bradley Avenue, Peoria, IL 61606-9986, or brought with you when you come to campus. For questions on the health form please contact (309) 677-2700 or bradleyhealthservices@bradley.edu

STEP 6: Register for Your Orientation Session

Now that you have become more familiar with the Orientation process, we invite you to register for your preferred session! Once you click on the link below, you will sign into your Bradley Bound Status page. You will see the link to Orientation Registration toward the top of the page approximately 24 hours after your BUnetID and password have been activated. Payments for your one or two guests can be made once you have completed the registration form. Simply return to the main Bradley Bound Page and you will see the balance due link where payment can be made.

Register for your Orientation session