Interviewing Tips

For all interviews:

  • Talk to your RA/ARA for tips about the interview process.
  • Dress for success. It may be a factor in the decision to hire you.
  • Be on time.
  • Be yourself.

For the hall director interviews:

  • Be ready to participate in a role-play situation.
  • Focus on your response to the situation, not the policies involved.

For the group interviews:

  • Be ready to work in a group to solve abstract problems.
  • Be ready to decide what characteristics make a good RA.
  • Be ready to creatively think about planning a floor program.

For the director interview:

  • Review your application.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses, and be ready to talk about them.
  • You can expect to be asked questions dealing with the following areas:
    1. Perceptions of the ARA roles: advisor, administrator, role model, programmer, floor supervisor, resource person
    2. Skills needed to do the job: communications, human relations, organizational and leadership abilities
    3. Personal quotes: awareness of various lifestyles and cultural differences, sensitivity to human needs, interest in others, readiness to relate to others, sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, creativity, initiative, flexibility, stamina, self-confidence, self-respect, ability to learn and adapt quickly
    4. Knowledge of the university and residence halls. It is extremely important that you be prepared for informational questions.