Honors Program Living Learning Community

As an Honors Program student, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) in Williams Hall. In your first year, you’ll select one of the Honors Seminars dedicated to the LLC, which means you’ll have at least one course with someone you know from housing. In many cases, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in optional floor events outside of class time with your classmates and faculty members in the LLC. Living on an Honors floor means you’ll build a strong connection with other students in the program as soon as you get to campus.

You can also take advantage of the other perks of the Honors LLC:

  • Move in one day early to avoid the rush on Saturday morning when the residence halls open.
  • Attend special floor programming and extra social events coordinated by your Residential Advisors, who are also members of the Honors Program.
  • Make new friends on field trips and group outings offered by the Honors Program.
  • Use the shared residential lounges to join study groups, work on team projects, and spend time getting to know other students in the Honors Program.


Williams Hall


If you have applied to and been admitted to the Honors Program, we invite you to join the Honors Living Learning Community, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you're interested, please visit the Bradley Bound site to access the housing application to indicate your preference for Honors Housing and the Honors Living Learning Community.

To reserve your spot as a new student:

  1. The link for the Housing application will appear at your Bradley Bound site after submitting your enrollment fee
  2. Select Honors Housing
  3. Complete the Honors Housing application
  4. Rank Honors Housing as your first choice in the Housing Application.


Jennifer Jost

Jennifer Jost

Director of the Honors Program
Associate Professor, Biology

    Library 218
    (309) 677-3283

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