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Math Success Center

The Math Success Center provides essential resources needed to help facilitate the learning of mathematical content. We work in partnership with tutors we trust, tutors who support our commitment to helping students grow academically to their maximum potential.

Math Success Center Policies

The Math Success Center tutors are dedicated to helping students by providing clarification on mathematical concepts. Please keep in mind that tutors are available to assist students as they practice the content in their courses. It is expected that students who need assistance have course notes and any other pertinent information that has been given out in class so those resources are available.

  • Please turn your phone down to keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Students are required to scan in and out of the Success Center every visit in order to assure their name is added and removed from the math tutor que.
  • Students should attempt to ask specific questions.

Review Sessions

Review Sessions are offered for all exams for the following courses: College Algebra (MTH 109), Pre-Calc (MTH 112), Calc I (MTH 121), and Calc II (MTH 122). All students in those courses are invited via email to attend the scheduled review sessions for their particular course prior to each review session. The 90- to 120-minute sessions are offered at staggered times, morning and afternoon, to promote availability. Most courses have two sessions on two different days.

Additional Support

Academic Resources

Hours and Offerings

Drop-in tutoring: Sunday - Wednesday
Seating for individual or group study
Large Whiteboard and seating for group reviews
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