Need Help With Class Content?

Classes can be challenging. The Academic Success Center works hard to connect students with resources that will help them do their very best. The five steps on this page outline the process we suggest to all students who need a little extra help with understanding class content.

Members of the Peoria community who would like to find a Bradley student to provide tutoring to middle school or high school age students can jump to steps 4 and 5.

STEP 1: Visit Instructor Office Hours

Instructors are your best resource when it comes to understanding the course material. Office hours are usually listed on your course syllabus. If they are not there, contact your instructor to find an agreeable meeting time.

STEP 2: Form a Study Group

Study groups are proven to improve student learning and understanding by engaging one another with course concepts in a space that enables individuals to help one another. We have compiled a resourceful guide for Organizing and Conducting Effective Study Groups.

See the guide

STEP 3: Find Free Tutoring

The Academic Success Center and select academic departments provide free drop-in tutoring for specific courses.

If your department offers tutoring and the schedule is not listed below, please email us at

View the schedules

STEP 4: Find a Private Tutor on Tutor Matching Service (TMS)

If free tutoring is not available, you can search for a private tutor. The Academic Success Center is excited to offer this new partnership with TMS as an additional resource for Bradley students and the Peoria community!

Access TMS

STEP 5: Fill Out a Tutor Request Form

If you are unable to find free tutoring or a tutor on Tutor Matching Service, submit the Tutor Request Form, and we will do our best to find an eligible tutor for your course.

Submit a Tutor Request

In addition to tutoring, we offer students other academic resources including academic Peer Mentoring and/or Student Success Workshops. Additionally, the Writing Center will help with written work.

Interested in being a tutor?

Interested in becoming a paid tutor and helping students? We have a couple options for you.

Sign up for Tutor Matching Service (TMS)

In our new partnership with TMS, any student may register to offer tutoring services, set their availability, and list their hourly pay rate. Students who meet certain criteria are also able to request “badges” that reflect certain training or academic qualities.

Sign up for TMS

Apply in the Academic Success Center

Even if we don’t offer free tutoring for your subject of expertise, we are happy to collect applications from prospective tutors in the event we offer tutoring in that subject in the future. Visit the third floor of the library to get an application!

All students who apply to be a tutor in the Academic Success Center must meet the following criteria*:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
  • Earn an A or a B in the course(s) in which you are approved to tutor
  • Be approved by instructors or academic department leadership in the area(s) in which you would like to tutor
  • Complete the minimum tutor training requirement before beginning work

*Students who meet these criteria are designated with a “Bradley University ASC Approved” badge in Tutor Matching Service.

98% of students feel more confident with course content after tutoring
92% of students rated their overall tutoring experience as “good” or “great”
3. 60% of students who visit tutoring are referred by a faculty or staff member