Tutor Schedules

Tutoring is offered for the following subjects:

Tips for a Successful Peer Tutoring Session

What should I bring to tutoring?

Textbook, lecture notes, prepared questions, a notebook or paper, writing utensils, and a willingness to participate

What should I NOT bring to tutoring?

Cell phone, gum, food, drinks and anything that could distract your peers

How do I get started?

Review the tutoring schedule to see when the course you need help with is offered. Arrive to appropriate location. Ask for help with study skills, practice problems, or general concepts.

Tutoring Services

Before seeking any tutoring services, students should utilize their instructor through office hours, individual meetings, or any review sessions that are offered. Instructors are your best resource when it comes to understanding the course material. Office hours are usually listed on your course syllabus. If they are not there, contact your instructor to find an agreeable meeting time.

The Academic Success Center and select academic departments provide free drop-in tutoring. Schedules for all free tutoring services provided across campus are provided below. Please note that not all tutoring services listed below are held in or provided by the Academic Success Center. If your department offers tutoring and the schedule is not listed below, please contact Jamie Cobb at success@bradley.edu. To request tutoring in a subject/course not listed below, please see the Tutor Requests section below.

We recommend that students also consider forming or joining study groups with peers from their classes. Study groups are proven to improve student learning and understanding by engaging one another with course concepts in a space that enables individuals to help one another. We have compiled a resourceful guide for Organizing and Conducting Effective Study Groups.

Tutor Requests

The Academic Success Center will accept requests from students, faculty, and staff for additional tutoring services not already provided. For members of the Peoria community who would like to request tutoring, please consider using Bradley netWORK, a free job board accessible to current students and alumni, to post an open position (click here for more information).

Before requesting tutoring, please review the Private Tutoring directory to see if a tutor is already available. Tutor requests will usually result in being matched with a Private Tutor.

Requests for tutoring should be made through Navigate following the instructions below:

  1. Login to Navigate using your BU net ID and password
  2. In the top right corner, select “Get Assistance”
  3. From the dropdown, select “Tutoring”
  4. From the next dropdown, select "Tutoring for a Specific Class," then "Tutoring in One of My Classes"
  5. Select “Academic Success Center” as the location, then select your course and click “Next”
  6. In the “Request Appointment Form,” you have the ability to provide general availability.
  7. Click “Next,” review the request, then click “Send Request”

Please note, we will work to find a qualified Private Tutor; however, students and Private Tutors are expected to make appointment and payment arrangements privately.

Private Tutoring

The Private Tutoring service lists students who have been approved by the Academic Success Center to offer tutorial services. Private Tutors must meet the following criteria:

  • current Bradley University students or staff members,
  • earned 12 or more semester hours of credit at Bradley University,
  • minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75,
  • earned a B grade or higher in each course they are listing,
  • gained approval from the department that offers the course(s) for which they would tutor.

Appointments and fees are negotiated privately. The Academic Success Center & Bradley University are not responsible for the payment of or services provided by Private Tutors.

In addition to tutoring, we offer students other academic resources including academic Peer Mentoring and/or Student Success Workshops. Additionally, the Writing Center will help with written work.