November Registration Day Program and Spring Orientation

Once you accept your admission offer, the process of orientation begins for you. Below is an outline of what you can expect from us before you get started on the Hilltop. You are encouraged to attend one of our virtual registration day programs on April 6 or 7, where we will assist you in registering for fall 2023 classes and our final on-campus program in January. While there is no additional program for parents or family members, they are more than welcome to attend with you. Each parent or guest will be charged $10 for the lunch being served during the on-campus program in August. Payment can be made by contacting the orientation office at (309) 677-2420.

  • Someone will be in contact and can walk you through any questions you have, as well as prepare you for the next steps in class registration.
  • November 3rd there will be a Transfer Registration Day program where you will get some information on campus services, be shown how to navigate through Webster, our class registration system, and receive assistance from Orientation staff on registering for classes. You must have visited in person or remotely with an academic advisor before attending.
  • In January, there will be a Transfer Student Orientation where you'll get more detailed information on campus services and resources and how to use them. We will send an invitation for the January program later in the fall semester.

To register for either or both the November and January programs please click onto the Register Now bar on the right hand side of the page.

Please follow the instructions at this link if you have not yet spoken with your academic advisor.

Please let us know if you have any questions. In the meantime, make sure you have your final transcripts scheduled to be sent (if not already received) and that you are making the necessary tuition arrangements with Student Financial Services.

If you are eligible for federal VA benefits, please make sure you have reviewed the information at this page.