Registration Walkthrough

Are you a new student, or have you already begun classes at Bradley?

You must accept your admission offer and make your enrollment deposit before you can register for classes.

Have you spoken with your academic advisor yet? This is a faculty member in your major department, not to be confused with your admission representative. After speaking with your academic advisor, you should have an outline of the specific classes you want to register for your upcoming term.

Have you spoken with your academic advisor yet? This is a faculty member in your major department, but it may not be the same advisor you worked with before beginning classes at Bradley.

After you make your enrollment deposit, your next step is to register for classes. All new transfer students have a hold on their registration to prevent them from registering for classes before speaking with their academic advisor.

When speaking with your academic advisor, you will need to be prepared to discuss your academic plan.

  • If you are a new Bradley transfer student and currently taking or plan on taking classes before your first term at Bradley begins, make sure to tell your advisor. If a class you are taking before starting at Bradley satisfies a prerequisite to a class you planned on taking at Bradley, you may need a prerequisite override.
  • Ask your advisor if you need any prerequisite overrides for courses you plan on registering for in the upcoming semester.
  • If you plan to be full time, you will need at least 12 credit hours. You may transfer up to 66 credit hours from a two-year institution, but you need 120 to graduate from Bradley. Think about your preferred graduation timeline, and plan accordingly.

You are just about ready to register for classes. You can do a few final checks to ensure it goes smoothly:

  • If prior to the beginning of early Registration (April 4), double check your registration date and time.
  • Make sure you have drafted your schedule and that there are no conflicts. Schedule Builder is a popular tool many Bradley students use and say is helpful and the link can be found in MyBradley on the left-hand side of the page.
  • Double check to see that all holds have been removed (Deans Letter or Recommendation and New Transfer Advising Hold for example).
  • When registering for a class, if you receive an error message saying you need a prerequisite override needed, please contact your academic advisor again and ask him/her to see if their department can provide this. If the course you are attempting to take is outside of your major department, you can ask your academic advisor to contact the appropriate faculty or staff member so they may provide you with a prerequisite override for that course.

If you still have questions about advising or registration, are having a difficult time contacting your advisor, are considering changing your major or minor, or have any other registration-related questions, please contact David Trillizio.

David Trillizio

Director Orientation and Advisement

    Sisson Hall 141
    (309) 677-2423