Student Organizations Roster

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Indian Students Association

President: Prashanth Kumar Sripathi (

Provides a platform for academic, cultural and social understanding among Indian and other students at Bradley University. 11/17

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

President: Trevor Rice (

The local student branch of IEEE, an international professional association for electrical and electronics engineers dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence. Student branch membership is open to all Bradley students in electronics-related news, discussion, and education. 8/17

Interactive Narrative Club

President: Joseph Lax (


Intercultural Exchange Club

President: Michael Timm (

The purpose of the club shall be; to (a) provide international students a maximum cultural experience and an understanding of American and Bradley campus culture; to (b) provide American students with opportunities to know and understand international students and appreciate their respective cultures; and to (c) facilitate intercultural exchange between American students and international students. 11/17

Interfaith Collaborative

President: Ryan Lutker (

The Interfaith Collaborative is part of a national movement towards interfaith cooperation. We intend to create safe and inclusive spaces for students of all religions, faiths, philosophies, and world views. Our goals are: 1) Respect for people’s diverse religious and nonreligious identities, 2) Mutually inspiring relationships between people of different backgrounds, and 3) Common action for the common good. 9/17

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

President: Robert Harris (

IFC serves as a governing body for fraternities on campus. 9/17

International Affairs Organization

President: Anneke Schlueter (

International Affairs Organization (IAO) organizes events on campus with the goal of furthering the Bradley community's understanding of international issues and appreciation for cultures and peoples around the world. Events are chosen by members and are as varied as members' interests. 9/17

International Assoc. of Business Communicators (IABC)

President: Nathan Wiesehan (

the purpose is to promote and facilitate the understanding and knowledge of international business through appropriate social and academic functions and events. 7/17

International Students Association

President: Keerthana Potnuru (

The purpose of the club shall be (a) to foster a wide student interest and participation in activities by providing leadership, programs, and service for brotherhood, among the International students from both Graduate and Undergraduate programs (b) to assist students in developing skills and leadership (c) one common ground to state issues and seek help (d) organize events in the name of culture, effective speakers and the freedom to voice thoughts.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

President: Issac Main (

This organization assists Christian students in growth toward Christ by emphasizing prayer, fellowship and bible study while promoting an evangelistic lifestyle and a clearer understanding of the missionary field. 8/17

Irish Braves

President: Anna Berliner (

Purpose of this club is to foster a wide student interest and participation in activities related to Irish culture, dance, music, food, literature, film, history and crafts 3/17