Student Organizations Roster

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Wags for Mags (formerly PAWS)

President: Liana Pavese (

Trains service dogs to assist people with a variety of disabilities while providing support to encourage independence. 7/17

Water Polo Club (Co-ed)

President: Maliq Mistar (

Fosters interest and participation in activities providing leadership, programs and service. 8/17

Weightlifting Club

President: Wilson Gilkerson (

Whether you are a current fitness enthusiast or starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle, we provide training advice, lifting techniques, and nutritional tips to ensure your success in reaching your goals. We accomplish this by sending a bi-weekly newsletter talking about a fitness topic so members can be better informed in their journey to peak physical fitness. members can get as involved as they wish, ranging from simply receiving the newsletter to helping organize the competitions every semester 8/16

Werk Performance Group

President: Kendra Williams (


Women in Business

President: Meaghan Carroll (

The purpose of this club is to provide a forum for those wishing to discuss women's issues as they relate to future career objectives and to increase the understanding of factors affecting opportunities for women entering the business world. 7/17

Women in Electrical Engineering

President: Hayley Langley (


Women Who Empower - WWE

President: Andrea Morris (


Working With Gender

President: Mary Paulson (

(a)To present & discuss information with students about gender inequality within the professional world, including inequality towards women of color, women/or men of different sexual orientations, etc. (b) To prepare women and men for the workplace by educating them on issues they may face once entering the job market, and give them the tools they need to combat said issues. (c) Create a safe environment where both women and men can discuss sensitive issues common in the workplace environment. (d) Empower women and men to be confident going into their future career.

Wrestling Club

President: Kyle Blankenburg (


Writehouse Ink

President: Kaydra Bui (

Writehouse Ink's goal is to assemble and nurture a community of writers in an effort to facilitate an interconnected culture of collaborative and passionate artistry on Bradley's campus. 9/16