Panopto is an all-in-one video platform tool for video management, recording, live streaming, quizzing, analytics, mobile, and a lot more. With its ability to centrally manage your recorded lectures, classroom videos, or even 3rd party media Panopto uses your Bradley SSO (Single Sign On) to seamlessly integrate across various platforms including: WIndows, MacOS, IOS and Android. No need to remember new passwords or sign in over and over here. Along with this platform integration is direct access via your Canvas classroom where you can record videos, embed them using the Pages, and design your course to include your own customized video content. This makes flipping your classroom or recording a quick “how to” video a piece of cake no matter where you are as the Panopto tool helps to bring you and your students greater depth of interaction.

Use Cases:

  • Video Content Management
  • Lecture Capture
  • Flipping your classroom
  • Student Recordings
  • Recording Demonstrations

Possible student benefits:

  1. Easy access to previous lectures
  2. More personalized learning experiences
  3. Can consume video materials on any platform at their own pace

Possible instructor benefits:

  1. Easy integration into Sakai Canvas and various platforms
  2. Record, edit, and share full or micro-lectures all from one tool
  3. Add interactive quizzes to your videos
  4. Embed polls and other interactive content directly into your videos

To learn more about this tool, we encourage you to contact our team at For more information on Panopto or to read/view more on using video in your classroom please follow this link.