Testing & Evaluations

Testing in Sakai

Testing can be conducted online or face-to-face, electronically or paper-based. There are several technologies available to support varying assessment strategies. Sakai Tests & Quizzes can deliver low-stakes knowledge checks, chapter quizzes or high-stakes exams. If exams are high-stakes, they can be conducted in a classroom environment or conducted with an online test proctoring service for a fee. Examity is an additional service that uses a student’s webcam, microphone and computer to verify a test-taker’s identity and ensure academic integrity. Students can set up their profile, schedule exams to be proctored, and take their tests with Sakai and the online proctor working together as integrated systems.

Bongo offers a different styles of testing through the Question and Answer activity. This video-based assessment type emulates oral exams. There are also capabilities for student-created video presentations and group projects using Bongo.


Learning Design and Technology also has Scantron service available for paper-based testing and course evaluations. Scantron forms can be picked up in Jobst Hall 237. Faculty members should ensure that they use only form 16485 and students complete Scantron forms using a No. 2 pencil; answers marked in pen will not be read. Exams can be dropped off at Jobst 237, 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. After hours, there is a secure lock box outside of Jobst 237 with instructions. Please make sure that the scoring key for your exam is included and filled out completely. Exams may be dropped off and picked up by professors, grading and student assistants, and staff. Graded exams are usually available within 48 hours. Exams dropped off on Friday will typically be available the following Monday.

Online Course Evaluations

Course evaluations can be created and delivered online to students with Sakai and the Evaluation System tool. Evaluations are anonymous and confidential. Students receive an initial email with instructions and a direct link to the evaluation. They can complete evaluations on any computer, and some mobile devices, from any Internet-connected location. Reminder emails can be sent to non-responding students to promote participation. A department or college staff delegate is needed to help configure evaluations and to collect and distribute final reports and data.