Web Conferencing/Webinar

Bradley offers access to Google Meets to all faculty, students, and staff as a DIY meeting service.

Terms and conditions

Audiovisual Services supports web conferencing and webinar needs by scheduling or hosting events and providing access to Zoom. For Zoom events that are Hybrid or will require staffing, it is recommended to schedule a week or more in advance. The request for service must be submitted at least five business days in advance if AV is playing back specific music playlists, videos, or powerpoints during your event. When scheduling a Webinar, AV Services requires a name and email address of all panel members prior to the event.

All AV Support for Student groups or University Organizations requires pre-approval and has a labor charge of $15 per labor hour. This includes setup, event time and teardown. An account number for billing purposes is required prior to the event.

We abide by all Terms of Service for Zoom and Google Meets. We also do not condone or promote the broadcast or reproduction of any copyrighted materials (i.e. DVDs, Netflix/Amazon Prime movies/shows) via any service (i.e. Zoom and Meets). Such Broadcast or reproduction can result in fines and/or termination of license by the provider on a personal and/or an institutional level.


Zoom Meetings- Meetings are a collaborative format for attendees. This is a good choice for interactive meetings and may include breakout rooms. Attendees can turn on the camera, microphone and share screen if given permission. AV Services Zoom Meetings have a maximum capacity of 300 attendees.

Zoom Webinars- Webinars are view only format for attendees. This format is generally used for presentations by one or more panelists to a larger audience. The attendees can raise hands and participate in Q & A. Panelists in a Webinar can turn on camera, microphone, chat and share screens. AV Services will provide the event planner an attendee link and individual links for each panelist that must be used by the panelists when joining the webinar. Webinars are also a good choice for streaming larger events that are view only and don’t include panelists such as a concert for example. AV Services Zoom Webinars have a maximum capacity of 1000 attendees.

Hybrid Meetings- These are meetings that are both live in person and include a virtual/streaming aspect. There are some spaces in Bradley that are setup for hybrid meetings and some that require more planning. There are also a lot of variables in streaming. It is a good idea to consult AV services when planning your event so that we can share the options available.

DIY Meetings- If you would like to host the meeting yourself on a separate platform, AV has equipment (cameras/microphones/etc.) available to help facilitate your meeting. Please request your equipment 3 or more days prior to your event. Students will need a faculty/advisor to approve the checkout.