Intellectual Capital Management

Education about Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) is available through two ways at Bradley University.

LEARN ICM through an Undergraduate Course

A 3-credit hour course for students is taught fall and spring semesters as an online course and an on campus course. SEI 330 is held Mondays and Wednesdays at 2:00 - 3:15 pm in BECC 4160. The course covers: Innovation, Accounting, Economics, Business, Intellectual Property protection, Law, Contract Negotiation, and Technology Commercialization. No prerequisites are required. The material in this course originated from Bill Berlinger, Founder of Technology Licensing at Caterpillar.

Student testimonial: “"The Intellectual Capital Management is the reason my startup company still exists and has a chance at success long-term. The philosophies of Triple Win deal making and the evaluation process for technology can be applied to a wide variety of businesses and industries, as highlighted by the case studies explored throughout the course. This has been one of the most meaningful and impactful course of my college career thus far, and has helped me produce results.” - Brandon Johnson, Mechanical Engineering student.

To enroll, students should consult with their academic advisors. For additional information about this course, contact Bill Berlinger at

LEARN ICM through a Professional Certificate

More advanced material about ICM is available as a Professional Certificate through the Continuing Education and Professional Development office. It is taught by Bill Berlinger and co-facilitated by Dr. Talkington. The certificate program was designed for working professionals and lifelong learners who desire to expand their expertise. The base Certificate includes twenty-eight videos and 5 hours of consulting with the ability to upgrade to 20 hours of consulting during the course. The Certificate is a combination of asynchronous videos and live interactions on Zoom for a deeply experiential engagement.

Professional testimonial:
“This ICM course is the best course I have ever taken over my 5 years of post-secondary education. Even with a decade of experience in the Intellectual Capital industry, the course provides new, usable frameworks for fostering, managing, and valuing innovation. With more than 90% of the value of all Fortune 500 companies being Intellectual Capital, the course provides essential information to effectively lead nearly any institution in today's economy. Bill Berlinger is the leading expert in technology licensing, and his novel approach to technology-focused negotiations has the potential to constructively transform any company from a startup to an industry-leading multinational organization.” — Mike Stubbs, Director of Peoria NEXT Innovation Center and Director of Technology Commercialization, Illinois Small Business Development Center at Bradley University

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