Formal Conduct Hearing

Administrative Panel or University Student Arbitration Board

  1. The Panel or Board will not hear cases during summer months or cases presented fewer than ten days prior to fall or spring semester study days.
  2. The student or student organization who is charged with violating a standard of conduct will receive written notification to appear at a hearing no less than seven days prior to the date of the hearing by the Coordinator of the Conduct Hearing.
  3. Student Conduct and Student Activities reserve the right to call witnesses in support of the charges.
  4. The charged student or student organization may also request witnesses of the event to attend the hearing.
  5. A quorum to conduct an Arbitration Board hearing must consist of three members of the Board, one of whom must be the Board Coordinator and two of whom must be students.
  6. A quorum to conduct an Administrative Panel must consist of three members, one of whom must be the Board Coordinator.
  7. A recording device will be set up at the hearing and the entire hearing will be recorded verbatim.
  8. At the hearing, the Chairperson/Board Coordinator will follow the established script and state the Standard of Conduct that the student or student organization was charged with violating. The Panel or Board members will listen to statements and ask questions to determine the validity of the charges.
  9. Upon the conclusion of statements and questions, the Panel or Board will adjourn to deliberate. After the majority of members decide upon the student or student organizations’ responsibility and an appropriate sanction (if applicable), a decision statement will be prepared and signed by all Panelists or Board members and delivered to the student or student organization who is charged within a timely fashion.