Addressing Student Concerns

In an emergency, call Bradley University Police from campus extensions or your cell phone: 911 or (309) 677-2000.

An emergency is when a student experiences an immediate medical situation, poses imminent danger to self or others, demonstrates behavior that makes you feel unsafe, or is a victim of a crime. A Bradley University police officer will be dispatched to the scene.


Bradley University faculty and staff are in a unique position to demonstrate compassion for Bradley students in distress. Since you have frequent and prolonged contact with them, you may be the first person to SEE SOMETHING such as signs of loneliness, isolation, and even hopelessness in students facing academic and life challenges. These feelings can easily disrupt academic performance and may lead to difficulties coping and other serious consequences.


If a student interaction is making you feel worried, alarmed, or threatened trust your instincts and SAY SOMETHING. Students exhibiting troubling behaviors in your presence may be having difficulties in various settings including the classroom, or with roommates, family, and/or social settings.


Your expression of concern may be a critical factor in saving a student’s academic career or even their life. The purpose of this folder is to help you DO SOMETHING by referring students to the appropriate campus resources.



Academic Difficulty

  • Missing classes and/or low or no engagement in the classroom
  • Poor performance early in the term
  • Expressing need for tutoring
  • Math or writing difficulty
  • Difficulty managing time/workload

Academic Success Center
(309) 677-2416
or Issue an Alert in Navigate

Mental Health

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Emotional disturbances

Counseling Services
(309) 677-2700

Personal Crisis

  • Personal tragedy
  • Significant life event
  • Complex issues that impede success
  • Desire to transfer or withdraw
  • Extended medical absence

Student Support Services
(309) 677-3910

Assault & Harassment (Title IX)

  • Violence (including assault, dating or domestic partner violence)
  • Stalking, harassment, and sexual harassment
  • Sex or gender based discrimination

Student Support Services
(309) 677-3910
Involving ONLY Students

Jocelyn Watkins | Title IX Coordinator
(309) 677-2081

Physical Health

  • General physical health and illness
  • Minor injuries
  • Allergy issues
  • Medication management

Health Services
(309) 677-2700

Disabilities and Accommodations

  • Requesting academic or testing accommodations (short or long term)
  • Confirmation of approval for accommodations

Student Access Services
(309) 677-3654

Classroom Disruption, Discipline & Academic Misconduct

  • Disruption to a class, residence hall, or campus event
  • Alleged student code of conduct violations
  • Plagiarism, or other forms of academic misconduct
  • Alcohol and drug use and misuse
  • Bullying

Residential Living and Student Conduct
(309) 677-3221

Housing & Residential Living

  • Roommate concerns and issues
  • Residence hall facility concerns
  • Homesickness and other transition concerns

Residential Living and Student Conduct
(309) 677-3221

St. James Complex
(309) 677-2100

Internships and Careers

  • Part-time job (on-campus or off-campus)
  • How to get an internship
  • Concerns about career preparation and planning
  • Need for a résumé review, mock interview, salary negotiation

Smith Career Center Springer Center for Internships
(309) 677-2510

Campus and Community Involvement

  • Lack of connection
  • Desire to be engaged in activities outside of classroom
  • Interest in or concern about fraternity or sorority life
  • Seeking opportunities to volunteer in the greater Peoria community

Student Involvement
(309) 677-2890

Money or Finances

  • Billing and bill payment
  • Financial aid
  • Scholarships
  • Student and parent borrowing

Financial Assistance
Swords Hall 100
(309) 677-3089

Student Fees
Swords Hall 100
(309) 677-3120