Pell Grant Recalculation Policy

Pell Grant Recalculation: Pell Recalculation refers to adjustments that are made to Pell Grant eligibility in order to reflect a student’s current enrollment status.

Pell Grant Recalculation Date: The Pell Recalculation Date (PRD) is the final date each semester that Pell Grant eligibility will be adjusted to reflect the current enrollment status.  Once the PRD has passed, Pell Grant eligibility will not change even if courses are added or dropped, unless a mandatory Pell recalculation is required.

2023-2024 Pell Grant Recalculation Dates:

  • Fall 2023 - September 8th
  • Spring 2024 – February 2nd
  • Summer 2024* – No PRD, enrollment status changes will be adjusted throughout the summer term
  • *Please see enrollment requirements specific to summer Pell Grant eligibility here

Mandatory Pell Recalculation: It is mandatory that Pell Grant eligibility be recalculated if:

  • A student is considered to have withdrawn (officially or unofficially)
  • A student did not begin attendance in a course or courses included in determining their initial Pell Grant award

If a student withdrawals after beginning attendance in classes but prior to the PRD, the enrollment status as of the date of withdrawal will be used to determine Pell Grant eligibility.

Enrollment Post PRD: If a student’s initial enrollment for the semester occurs after the PRD, Pell eligibility will be based on course registration at the time of enrollment. 

Pell Grant Eligibility Determined Post PRD: If Pell Grant eligibility is established after the PRD, enrollment on the date of initial Pell Grant calculation will be used to determine the award amount.  This could be related to the FAFSA filing date or a result of a special circumstance that warrants professional judgement.