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When accessing Sakai for anything that is critical (such as an online exam), there are a few tips that the Learning Design and Technologies team recommends.  First, you should use a wired Internet connection due to problems inherent with wireless Internet services.  Wireless services are prone to drops and data loss from environmental factors (for example, interfering microwaves) but wired connections are not affected by those factors.  Two, Sakai has been tested and proven to work with the Firefox and Chrome web browsers, so we suggest that you use one or the other with Sakai.  Lastly, check the front page of Sakai for any outages or planned maintenance news.

Oh no! I lost my internet connection during an online exam, what should I do?

First, “Don’t Panic.” There are a few ways to design an exam in Sakai.  If the exam is designed in single-question format, you answer a question – press Next – and a new page appears with a new question. Your answers are auto-saved in this format. 

If the exam is not designed in single-question format, then you will need to manually Save your answers throughout the exam.  In this format, you should save your objective question answers every 10 minutes or so.  If you encounter an essay question, write in another program (say, in Microsoft Word, saving the file as plain text) and paste plain text back in to your Sakai exam session.  This way, if you lose your Sakai connection and written work, your written responses are available in a backup file.

I can’t see my courses

There are two potential reasons for this.

The first, could be you have the course currently hidden.  To unhide a course:

  • Click the Sites checkerboard icon at top right of any Sakai page.
  • Click the Preferences button in the resulting popup box.
  • Click the Sites tab in the resulting web page.
  • Uncheck the site’s check box.
  • Click the Update Preferences button at page bottom.
  • Click the Sites checkerboard icon at top right again.
  • Click the star (to change its color to gold) at right of the restored site.
  • Drag and drop the site by using the grey box at far right of the site’s row. (Up to 15 sites can be added as site buttons in the site navigation rows on each Sakai page.)

The second reason could be your instructor isn’t using Sakai for your class, or the site is being used but hasn’t been Published (brought online) yet. Send your instructor a friendly email and ask if they plan to use Sakai and state that you cannot see the course site. They should respond quickly. You can find email addresses for instructors through the Bradley Directory.

Quick Start Guide FAQs


  • You should first report course site problems to instructors.
  • If technical problems occur, can call the Bradley Help Desk at (309) 677-2964.
  • If all else fails, instructors can report student problems to