Turnitin is a tool used by your instructors to identify potential cases of plagiarism by automatically comparing submissions with an extensive online database. Used in conjunction with the Assignments tool, if your instructor elects to use Turnitin’s services your assignments will be automatically forwarded to the Turnitin service when you upload your work to Canvas.

  • Turnitin accepts Word files (.doc or .docx), HTML, PDF, RTF, and TXT. If files were created in word processors other than Word, students should save the files as RTF or TXT.
  • Assignments sent through Turnitin are scanned against all of the Turnitin sources, then a report is generated that summarizes and highlights matching text and where it was found.
  • t will take between 15 minutes and 24 hours for Turnitin to generate the report. Your instructor has the option whether or not to share the Similarity Report with you. If the report is shared with students, you will be able to open the report from your Assignment in Canvas, or by navigating to the gradebook in Canvas.
  • For the complete Bradley Policy and process for plagiarism, please read the section on "Cheating and Plagiarism" in the student handbook (you will need to scroll halfway down the page to find the section on plagiarism).


  • Assume your instructors are going to use Turnitin for all writing assignments and be aware of what constitutes plagiarism. Bradley’s Plagiarism Awareness Page.
  • Check your syllabus or ask your instructor what style manual you will be using in a course that requires writing/citations. EX: APA, MLA, Chicago, AMA…
  • Turnitin is an instructor tool, however, a variety of tools exist online that will scan your work for plagiarism.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to write your papers. Hurrying leads to poor quality and inadvertent mistakes, one of which is plagiarism.
  • Use your resources.

Posting/Viewing an Assignment that Uses Turnitin video

Please view the below video for a demonstration accessing the Turnitin originality report for assignments on your Canvas course site. Find additional information about interpreting your similarity score.