Extramural Proposal Policies

Most requests for external funding are made by the University on behalf of a project director (PD) or principal investigator (PI), and the awards are managed by the University. All grant proposals, contracts, and research agreements that Bradley University employees submit or wish to enter that include the use of University resources (personnel, facilities, equipment, supplies, etc.) must be approved by the appropriate individuals before submission. The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Financial Services (fka Controller’s Office) will work with the PD or PI to ensure compliance with university and funding source policies, procedures, and regulations both before submission and after receipt.

Exceptions to this policy are fellowships or prizes that are awarded directly to a PD or PI and not managed by Financial Services (for example, an ACLS or Fulbright Fellowship Award or a research prize from a professional organization). However, it is still in your best interest to route your proposal before submission. Financial Services will be able to advise you on strategies for preparing a budget, and OSP can serve as an additional check for compliance with the submission guidelines. It also gives your supervisors the chance to recognize and support your efforts.