Suggested Majors/Minors

The Health Science major is the recommended major for all pre-physical therapy students, because it incorporates the pre-requisite courses into the major requirements and exposes students to the DPT faculty during their undergraduate experience. This is the required major for students who wish to be considered for Early Assurance (formerly known as Direct Admission) to Bradley’s DPT program.

The Health Science major is recommended, but not required for admission to physical therapy schools. Bradley University offers a wide range of excellent majors, courses and opportunities which prepare students well for admission to physical therapy schools. Students should choose a major based on their personal interests and abilities, and then meet with both their Academic (within their major) and Pre-Health Advisor (Dr. Bennett) regularly to ensure that they are taking the necessary courses (and at the right time) to meet their major and graduation requirements, as well as required and recommended courses for admission to physical therapy schools.  These pre-requisites can be taken as part of the major, Bradley Core, or free electives towards graduation, thus allowing students flexibility with their choice of major, and the ability to customize their pre-physical therapy plan.

complete list of majors and minors