College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Bradley’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides the personalized attention of a liberal arts college, with the resources of a research university. If you are curious, passionate about learning, and love to explore, you will find a welcoming home in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Programs within the departments of LAS promote hands-on, minds-on, real-world learning through cooperative education, internships, practicums in clinical settings and research participation. These experiences link the world of intellect to the world of work and practical application, and expose students to the career options available immediately upon graduation as well as to options for postgraduate study.

Our Mission

The mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is to:

  1. Provide an environment for students to develop an awareness of the great issues facing humanity.
  2. Encourage students to be imaginative, critical, intellectually curious individuals, who will aspire to lifelong learning.
  3. Develop career interests and abilities appropriate to the needs of the students.
  4. Foster in students communicative and evaluative competencies.
  5. Develop self-renewing people in a value-centered interdisciplinary, intercultural, and humanistic context that puts career goals of students into a societal context in ways that will have significant impact on contemporary and future society, and will bring continuing personal satisfaction to them.