World Languages and Cultures

We offer programs leading to a minor in French, German, and Spanish and a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish, as well as beginning and intermediate courses in Arabic, Chinese, and Hebrew. With over 170 majors and minors, the program caters to the diverse interests of Bradley University's students. From beginning language courses through advanced-level culture, translation, linguistics, commercial and literature classes, each program offers a variety of learning experiences that enables students to reach their personal and intellectual potential. Classes are small, which allows students to receive personal attention for their individual needs. As written in the University mission statement, graduates of Bradley University "are prepared for life and professions in a changing world and they are able to cross academic, geographic, and cultural boundaries." Foreign language study makes this possible by providing experiences that allow us to see that who we are depends in part on cultural and linguistic factors outside of our control. It teaches more than "tolerance" or "appreciation" of others. It requires us to begin engaging another group on their terms. Over time, and as language proficiency and cultural understanding increase, we become able to mediate between our culture and a second culture, able to understand and explain each in its own context.

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World Film Series - German
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Thanksgiving Break
8:00 AM - 11:45 PM

Last day of Fall 2017 Semester