The French major equips you to be a culturally conscious world citizen in your chosen career.

Preparing You For Success

You engage the French-speaking world through classes and campus activities. Courses give you a foundation in Francophone culture, literature and civilization while they develop your proficiency understanding, speaking, reading and writing the language. The major is structured so you can add another major or minor of your choice.

By the time you graduate, your experiences include:

  • Opportunities to study abroad with Bradley faculty, including a January course in Paris and semester programs in France and Canada
  • Conversation tables
  • Research projects mentored by faculty

Making Your Mark

French is the second-most influential language in the world, which makes your knowledge valuable in any profession. In recent years, Bradley graduates have found jobs in the U.S. and abroad in international business, nongovernmental organizations and education. Others have continued their education at institutions such as the University of Chicago and Kent State University.

Major Requirements

Core courses - 12 hrs.

  • WLF 306: Composition and Conversation - 3 hrs.
  • 1 Applied French Course — including WLF 308: Advanced Conversation, WLF 320: French Phonetics, WLF 334: Commercial French, and WLF 430: Introduction to Translation
  • 1 Literature Course — including WLF 315: Introduction to French Literature, WLF 340: French Literature I, and WLF 341: French Literature II
  • 1 Civilization Course — including WLF 301: Paris, WLF 321: French Culture and Civilization, WLF 322: Contemporary France, WLF 351: Cinéma français, and WLF 370: Francophone Identities

Elective Courses - 12 hrs. (4 courses total; may include additional courses listed above)

  • WLF 202: Intermediate French 2 - 3 hrs.
  • WLF 490: Advanced Topics in French and Francophone Literature and Culture - 3hrs.
  • WLF 492: Practicum in French - 1-3 hrs.
  • WLF 495: Independent Study - 1-3hrs.

Total Hours: 24