Fall 2024 Bradley Choir Auditions

All students wishing to perform in a Bradley choral group must perform a five-minute audition. (8 minutes for Jazz Singers). Auditions will be held at Dingeldine Music Center. The audition consists of several components:

All ensembles are open to all students regardless of major.

Ensembles are free of charge – this means that you can take a full load of classes (16 credit hours), and then when the music ensemble pushes you over 16 hours, you can earn the extra credit at no charge.

For more detailed information please visit the Choir Opportunities page.


Audition Form

Please electronically fill out this audition form by Tuesday, August 20 at 9am


Sign-up for an audition time and plan to arrive 15 minutes early:

** *If you are a music major and auditioning for Bradley Jazz Singers, you must also sign up for a Large ensemble audition as well. You will have TWO audition times. If you are a non-major, you may just sign up for the Jazz Singers audition.
  Large Ensembles (Chorale, Comm Choir) and Opera – Tuesday, August 20
  9 am - 5 pm

   Jazz Singers – Tuesday, August 20
  5 - 7 pm


Audition Preparation

Large Ensembles and Opera

  1. Please come prepared to sing the “My Country Tis of Thee” melody. You will sing it acapella and may be asked to sing in a few different keys/ways to assess your range and vocal color. If you do not know this tune, you can easily learn it through YouTube.
  2. All students will be asked to sing back pitches, perform a short rhythmic example, and perform a short sight-reading example that must be executed to the level of the ensemble for which you want to be considered. The example will be a four-measure chorale excerpt in mixed voices. You will reproduce your voice part while the pianist plays the other three voice parts. You may use solfege, numbers, or a nonsense syllable.
  3. You may be asked to do vocalization exercises.

Jazz Singers:

  1. Details found here.