Entrepreneur Resources

Student entrepreneurs, faculty, and staff have one-on-one assistance available to them on campus.  The Turner Center for Entrepreneurship, located at 141 Jobst Hall, provides confidential, free advice on all business topics. Whether you are ready to launch a business, need help selecting a growth strategy for an existing venture, or just want to get feedback on a business idea, the advisors at the Turner Center can help.

Twice each month, the Turner Center conducts a workshop entitled "Starting a Business in Illinois".  At this workshop, attendees learn the basic requirements to properly launch a business, including:

  • registering a business name
  • selecting the best legal form of ownership
  • license and permit requirements
  • tax responsibilities
  • financing a start-up
  • preparing a business plan

For more information on the services available at the Turner Center, go to: www.bradley.edu/TurnerCenter.