Faculty Support

Faculty and Students can use Canvas help to learn about particular tools.

If students can’t see a course site, it could mean an Instructor hasn’t published the site. To do so, Instructors should click the (Publish Now) button in the upper part of all site pages.

Username/Password Issues

Your User ID (BUnetID) for Canvas is the part of your Bradley email address before the @ sign. Your Bradley network Password will work for Canvas.

For BUnetID and password help, please contact the Bradley Help Desk at (309) 677-2964.

Beginning a Semester

If you do not have access to your course site, and AcInquire indicates students are enrolled, please send an email to learn@bradley.edu.

Students are added or dropped from Canvas course sites shortly after 6am, 10am, 2pm, and 6pm daily.

During the Semester

  • Midterm Grades (note that you will need to enter midterm grades in Acinquire too.)
  • Providing Extended Time for Tests in Canvas (email learn@bradley.edu for help.)
  • Turnitin (check originality of assignments in Canvas.)