Bradley's interdisciplinary Women's and Gender Studies Minor offers courses that can help you build a critical knowledge base about the issues raised on our are a few to consider: 

ENG 190: Women and Literature

A focus on literature that represents a wide spectrum of cultural concerns for women in American and global societies.  

ENG 331: Women Writers

An intensive look at women writers as they depict women's lives.  

PSY 300: Psychology of Women

Woman and their behavior: influence of psychological, social, and biological factors. Prerequisite: PSY 104.

SOC 300: Cross-cultural Perspectives on Gender

Examines the construction of gender in non-western societies, concentrating on the way gender shapes and is shaped by power relations in these societies.

SOC 315: Gender and Society

An examination of gender as a system of stratification, as a social construction, and as a system of meaning which changes trans-historically and differs cross-culturally.  Focus on structural and interactional aspects of gender inequality, as well as the relationship between gender and other social hierarchies, including class, race, ethnicity, religion, and sexuality.  Prerequisite: SOC 100 or instructor consent.

WGS 200: Introduction to Women's Studies

This course explores the diverse experiences of modern American women, focusing on how ideas about gender affect such issues as sexuality, domestic violence, sexual harassment, politics, work, language, gender-based violence and images of women in society. We also discuss and debate theories of women's inequality, paying close attention to race, class, and ethnicity. Approved for Bradley Core MI credit. 

WGS 400: Directed Research in Women's Studies

Directed readings or research for a paper which analyzes, synthesizes, and interprets an area of women's studies chosen by the student. Prerequisites: WGS 200; 9 hrs. of women's studies elective courses; or consent of instructor.