Fat Acceptance

Fat acceptance advocates work toward goals which promote size diversity. After all, humans come in all shapes and sizes! Part of this acceptance is the preferred use of the term “fat”. Activists hope that this word can be de-stigmatized and embraced in our culture.

 Activists propose that the concept of an “ideal” body size or weight be abandoned entirely. Height and weight tables delineating “ideal” body proportions are based on Caucasian body types. The genetically distinct body types of people of color are not considered in the formulation of “ideal proportions”.

Fat acceptance means that large people love and accept themselves the way they are. Advances in the fat acceptance movement has meant the creation of support groups, magazines, exercise classes and regional conferences which empower large people and give them strength to be who they are in a society that isn’t nearly large enough for them. The sense of self-confidence, well-being, and better health that comes from loving and accepting their bodies frees them to live and enjoy life to the full. In the words of fat acceptance advocate Monica Persson, “when we reclaim the right to eat, focus on our lives, and stop giving our money to the diet industry, anything is possible.”