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US News & World Report Names Bradley Best in Illinois

U.S. News and World Report has released its Best Colleges 2020 rankings and Bradley is named best in the state in numerous categories.

On the Move with Adam Byerly '11 MS '15 [VIDEO]

We caught up with Adam Byerly '11 M.S. '15, who teaches computer science, researches AI, plays guitar and is a Rubik's Cube addict.

Best of Campus: August

Enjoy this month’s round up of campus happenings in pictures.

Mobile Style

Brick and mortar stores aren't the only way to pursue a career in retail ownership.

Guitar hero by night, course builder by day

Bradley’s instructional designer thrives on constant creativity

Coming This Fall

Bradley's new Business and Engineering Convergence Center to open in October.

Roberts to Retire

University’s 11th president will step down May 2020.

Best of Campus: July

Enjoy this month’s round up of campus happenings in pictures.

Cure Potential

Senior Jennie Houser has researched possible cures for serious diseases and ways to combat drug resistance.

One Giant Leap for Engineering

Bradley University mechanical engineering major Andrew Barth ’20 brought a piece of space history to life for the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing.

Birthing a Business

Accounting grad creates subscription service

Pressing ahead with her art

Working with an historic method of printing lets an artist make a modern impression.

Taking His Shot

Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye reflects on his Bradley Experience.

Trying the director’s chair

Baty guides Bradley’s spring theatre show

Going places: New psychology award makes study abroad possible

Jasmine Oriekaose first to win travel award

Best of Campus: June

Enjoy this month’s round up of campus happenings in pictures.

A Man and His Machines

A lifelong innovator, Steve Pierz MBA ’94 brings his engineering and business savvy to build a bricklaying robot Down Under.

Sit in on: Human Behavior in the Social Environment

How does our lifetime of experiences, starting at birth, influence our behavior?

Adversity leads to career decision

A serious childhood illness paved the way for one student’s career choice.

Convergence in the Community

Convergence projects like the Bradley Fellows Program teach leadership skills and civic responsibility.

Dahia Jackson creates a guy

Animation major’s quirky video short is a contest winner

Best of campus: May

Enjoy this month’s round up of campus happenings in pictures.

Exploring Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet

Biochemistry research finding organic solutions to superbugs

The 54-year plan: Septuagenarian gets his degree

After successful career, psychology grad finishes what he started

On the Move with: Jon Neidy [VIDEO]

A walk-and-talk with Jon Neidy, executive director of the Smith Career Center and assistant vice president for student affairs, as he prepared for the Spring Job and Internship Fair.

Onward, Ever Onward

The Bradley family cheered nearly 1,000 graduates at the university’s annual spring commencement ceremony the Peoria Civic Center.

First Jobs Don’t Last Forever

A former champion on Bradley’s speech team is on her fourth career choice with no signs of slowing down.

Sit in on: Consumer Behavior

How does where you live, where you grew up and everyday interactions influence what you buy — even down to your preferred brand of cereal?

Best of campus: April

Enjoy this month’s round up of campus happenings in pictures.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Sports communication major Nathan Nunez ’19 walked into his office for the first time and stared out the window in awe of his good fortune.

Bradley victorious nationally – again and again

Bradley’s speech team continues its tradition of excellence with two more national titles.

Cleaning up on the court, the classroom and around campus

Senior nets a wide range of accomplishments in four years on campus.

Setting a hall of fame example

Bradley Hall of Fame runner inspires on the track, on the water and in life.

Dentistry: the least-bloody medical career

Ben Herring ’22 finds career interest through job shadowing experience.

From the ashes: MFA grad creates a haven in West Africa

Renaissance woman Angela Franklin-Faye MFA ’85 is an artist, educator and advocate for international education.

Best of campus: March

Enjoy this month’s round up of campus happenings in pictures.

Braves’ valiant NCAA effort not quite enough

In what was a heartbreaking loss for the Braves and their fans, Bradley men’s basketball nearly clinched the first game of the NCAA’s March Madness against no. 2 seed Michigan State.

First cousins bonded by kidney transplant

Resilient education grad encourages organ donation: “You could save a life”.

Sit in on: Music In Media

Students learn the importance of music choices in media in our latest story on Bradley cool courses.

Athletics on Upward Trajectory

Athletics, particularly on the national stage, has always been a point of pride for Bradley University.

Tales of a young actor

Modeling and acting not only helped create a college fund, they also enhanced O’Donnell’s Bradley experience.

Leap of faith

Taking a big step into the unknown pays off for Bradley runner Niamh Markham.

Best of campus: February

It’s been a busy month on campus with basketball wins, engaging speakers and a job fair. Take a look:

Epilepsy: More prevalent than people realize

Bryan Anderson ’94 and his team at the Chicagoland affiliate of the Epilepsy Foundation of America work to help people with this misunderstood disease.

Off the beaten path: Engineering grad grateful for desert adventure

Michelle Gerrity Klein '12 went off the beaten path to compete in the 1,500-mile Rebelle Rally last October.

No identity? No problem

For 25 years, Bradley women’s basketball coach Andrea Gorski ’92 wanted her teams’ identity to be a tenacious defense and free-flowing offense, blending styles she learned from her high school coach, Nancy Sullivan, and her Bradley mentor, Lisa Boyer.

No identity? No problem

Women’s basketball carves new path to record-breaking year.

Braves’ tennis coached by father/son duo

After decades playing and coaching tennis at the high school, college and recreational levels, Steve Tyler still has a passion for the game.

Best of campus: January

The new year brought lots of new snow as the polar vortex descended on campus; construction continued on the business and engineering complex; the annual Spring Forum had lots of great discussion; and Braves’ fan cheered their big win over Illinois State.

Sit in on: Social Entrepreneurship

For our series on great Bradley courses, this month we take you to students pursuing causes they’re passionate about by looking at organizations that make an impact.

Opera Stage To Life Stage

A mezzo-soprano with the Met trades her singing skills for listening skills.

Art Becomes Her

Rediscovering watercolor painting helps longtime artist heal.

Gaming and Celebrities

Students show off creation at international convention

Foodie Fun For Life

Dietetic interns launch healthy snack program in Peoria schools.

Sit in on: Sports, Media, and Society

For our series on great Bradley courses, this month we take you to the world of sports communication and the student who found her voice.

From farm to international table

A childhood spent on the farm ultimately led this alumna to plant-based living and to exotic locales like India and Costa Rica.

Playing by the (new) rules

A sense of sportsmanship and fair play underpins athletics. But is it keeping up with changes in technology, injury concerns, fan expectations and the growth of e-sports?

Sit in on: Samurai in Japanese History

What was the class that made you think a little differently about the world? In this new series, we ask faculty to share fascinating ideas from some of the favorite classes they teach.

Best of campus: 2018

Many great things happened this year at Bradley University. Here’s a look back at 2018.

Two Guitars, One Drum Set and Three Sharks

Bradley students come together in a punk rock group with a unique sound.

Best of campus: November

In this new series we bring you images from recent happenings on campus. This time we feature a pumpkin-eating squirrel; the founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the first campus snowfall; and the 4th annual Charley Steiner Symposium.

Emmy Win: Career Boost or Statue?

Winning an Emmy award is certainly a prestigious honor, but does it help your career? Two Bradley award-winners share their perspectives.

Together We Work [Video]

For “Together We Work,” musician Josiah Williams ’14 recruited family and friends and enlisted artist Chelsie Tamms ’16 to create signs. Williams serves as neighborhood enhancement coordinator for the city of Peoria, and Tamms owns Lettering Works, a custom lettering and design company.

Sit in on: Human Centered Design

What was the class that made you think a little differently about the world? In this new series, we ask faculty to share fascinating ideas from some of the favorite classes they teach.

Honoring Two We Lost

Last week, the Bradley family learned of the tragic deaths of two of its longtime employees, Susan Berry Brill de Ramírez and Antonio “Tony” Ramírez Barron ’78.

Is Time Travel Possible?

Time travel has long been a subject of fascination, leading to plots for novels, comic books, movies and more. Associate Professor Jose Lozano looks at how the tenets of physics relate to this enduring topic.

On the Move with Annie Schuver '18 [VIDEO]

We caught up with Annie Schuver ’18, the National Forensic Association’s 2018 national champion in impromptu speaking, who shared her Bradley Experience and some of the more interesting facts she learned with the speech team.