The advertising concentration has a strong emphasis on increasing writing skills and designing effective consumer-oriented messages both visually and verbally. By combining the study of consumer behavior, iconic campaigns and research methods, students are encouraged to expand their insight and skill through projects using real-world clients and reflecting common relevant situations. Internships and a close alliance with professionals help to reinforce this practical approach to the field giving students a well-rounded understanding of the social and economic role and the responsibility of advertising in the local, regional and international marketplace.

Advertising Concentration

  • COM 112 - Introduction to Media Production
  • COM 202 - Basic Advertising Writing
  • COM 219 - Public Relations
  • COM 220 - Advertising As Communication
  • COM 320 - Advertising Creative Strategy
  • COM 322 - Advertising Media Planning
  • COM 325 - Advertising Design and Production
  • COM 400 - Communications Research
  • COM 481 - Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Concentration Electives

  • COM 437 - Advertising in A Global Environment
  • COM 447 - Issues and Ethics in Advertising
  • COM 474 - Advanced Copywriting

Additional Requirements

In addition to these requirements, student in the Advertising Concentration are required to take the following:

  • MTG 315 Principles of Marketing