Management Information Systems

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Engage Business and Society

Management Information Systems (MIS) is for individuals who love to work with other people to solve problems and would like to develop the Information Technology (IT) skills necessary to do so.

Opportunity to Innovate

The Foster College’s MIS major provides you with a strong foundation in Information Systems/Technology (IS/IT) knowledge and skills focused on organizations. Whether it be the Cloud, Big Data, IS/IT Security, or IS Services, through the MIS program, you will develop business-focused IS/IT skills including: application development, systems analysis and design, business intelligence, data networking, and database management and administration.  You will apply your skills to a real-life senior capstone project.

Course Requirements

Requirements for the management information systems major are:

  • Three programming courses:
    • MIS 276 Developing Information Systems for E-commerce
    • One of the following sequences:
    • MIS 175 & MIS/CIS 275 or & CS 101 & CS 102
  • MIS 272 Management Applications of Personal Computers
  • MIS 375 Business Systems Analysis and Design
  • MIS 478 Implementing Business Computer Systems
  • MIS 373 Business Data Communications or MIS 374 Database Management and Administration
  • Two of the following:
    • M L 357 Leadership and Interpersonal Behavior
    • MIS 373 Business Data Communications
    • MIS 374 Database Management and Administration
    • MIS 378 HCI & Usability Testing
    • MIS 379 Information Security

Impact the World

Companies who employ our graduates run the gamut from small entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 50 corporations. Some examples of widely-known firms who hire Foster College MIS graduates are:

  • Accenture
  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • Kellogg
  • Discover
  • Edward Jones
  • State Farm Insurance 

Entry-level job titles for MIS graduates include:

  • Business or systems analyst
  • Business/web application developer
  • Network administrator or specialist
  • Information security specialist 

“Experiential learning was a big highlight for me in the MIS program. We did a lot of projects that applied to real-world jobs and made apps that are actually being used by local-area businesses.”
– Lloyd Davis ‘15