Finance is the art and science of managing money. Finance is the entire process of obtaining the money that organizations need, then spending and investing that money in the most effective and efficient manner. The analytical treatment of decision making under conditions of risk is essential for top executives.

The field of finance is integral to almost every facet of business enterprise. It is also a vital aspect of government operations and has an effect on our daily lives. Skill in finance is widely recognized as the most important capability needed for a person to achieve the highest corporate positions. The high monetary rewards available in finance attract the best and the brightest experts from everywhere.

What You Will Learn

The Bradley finance program is designed to help students achieve levels of knowledge and ability suitable for professional employment and advanced study in the world's competitive financial markets. Skill in finance is widely recognized as one of the most important capabilities needed for a person to achieve the highest corporate positions.

Bradley's finance program will provide majors with the flexibility to choose from areas of study emphasizing investments, corporate finance and financial institutions. With a strong emphasis on quantitative analysis, computer skills, international programs and communication, the finance major will not only be able to function effectively in the workplace, but also leave Bradley with an appreciation for continued learning in a dynamic and global environment.

Careers in Finance

Bradley’s finance program prepares students for careers – not just entry-level positions – in the competitive world of finance. Students learn to understand the problems of obtaining and using financial resources and financial risk management. The program helps develop students’ analytical skills, use of computers for analysis and presentations, and communication skills. The major is flexible, allowing students to select courses preparing them for work in international financial management, investments and investment portfolios, futures, forwards, options, real estate, insurance, and personal financial planning.

Bradley Finance graduates interested in investments hold jobs such as securities analysts, portfolio analysts, risk managers, and investment bankers. Our graduates interested in corporate positions have become liquidity managers, capital assets analysts, debt managers, and currency managers. Bradley Finance graduates with an interest in institutions hold positions such as commercial lending officers, bank managers, pension/mutual fund managers, and custodial bankers.

Course requirements for finance major

  • A total of 24 hours in finance courses including the core: FIN 322 Business Finance, FIN 325 Investment Analysis, FIN 328 Financial Institutions and Markets.
  • FIN 494, Financial Strategy, plus a minimum of 3 additional hours in finance courses at the senior level. These classes count as part of the required 24 hours in finance.
  • Three hours from courses designated as “tools courses,” selected from:
    • QM 326 Business Forecasting
    • QM 364 Decision Support Systems
    • ECO 319 Introduction to Econometrics
    • ECO 418 Mathematical Economics
  • An approved three-hour functional area international course, selected from:
    • FIN 323 International Financial Management
    • ECO 390 International Monetary Economics
    • ECO 391 International Trade
  • QM 260 Quantitative Methods in Finance or MTH 122 Calculus II
  • At least three hours in accounting beyond ATG 157 and ATG 158, selected from:
    • ATG 204 Cost Accounting
    • ATG 301 Intermediate Accounting

Certifications for Finance Majors

A number of professional certifications and qualification exams exist for finance professionals. Bradley graduates excel in these exams. Some of the designations are listed below:

  • CFA Chartered Financial Analyst
  • CFP Chartered Financial Planner
  • CLU Chartered Life Underwriter
  • CPCU Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter
  • FRM Financial Risk Manager