International Studies

Welcome to the Institute of International Studies. As one of the foundational programs in the field, we offer a diverse curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in international studies. This degree will serve as a basis for various careers in the field of international relations, for graduate work in international studies, and for the acquisition of a thorough understanding of the forces and factors that impact the contemporary international system. Our award-winning faculty members are accomplished teachers and active scholars with professional interests that span virtually the entire globe.

Departmental News

  • International Impact
    Red Cross recognizes students’ international law programming
  • Bradley, PAWAC host ambassador for conference
    Costa Rica ambassador Román Macaya Hayes visited Bradley in March to participate in the 45th annual Central Illinois World Affairs Conference and to discuss opportunities for student and faculty exchanges.
  • New Heartbeat
    Youth bridge Israeli-Palestinian conflict through music


Fall Recess

Thanksgiving Recess

Fall Semester Study Day