International Studies

Welcome to the Institute of International Studies. As one of the foundational programs in the field, we offer a diverse curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in international studies. This degree will serve as a basis for various careers in the field of international relations, for graduate work in international studies, and for the acquisition of a thorough understanding of the forces and factors that impact the contemporary international system. Our award-winning faculty members are accomplished teachers and active scholars with professional interests that span virtually the entire globe.

Departmental News

  • Foreign Insights
    Diplomats discuss trans-Atlantic trade treaty with students
  • From the Campus to the Battlefield
    Bradley University Red Cross Team Wins Trip to DC for Rules of War Campaign. Students creatively raise awareness for international conflict challenges.
  • #WarHasLimits campaign shows plight of child soldiers
    Bradley students explored abuse of child soldiers through a March simulation organized by a team studying international humanitarian law. The simulation was part of a yearlong project organized by the Red Cross.


Fall Recess