Marketing Major

Like all students in the Foster College of Business, our marketing majors complete the 50-hour business core that gives them the basics for running a business. This includes an introduction to all of the various areas of business and a senior consulting project.

Unlike other business majors, marketing majors have great flexibility to craft a program that will help them pursue a career among an array of opportunities available to people with a marketing degree.

What Every Marketing Major Experiences

Marketing Presentations (MTG 205) – All marketing majors take this 7-week 1½ credit hour class that gets them on the road to making winning presentations. All marketing jobs have one thing in common:  great ideas simply aren’t enough. To win in the marketplace you need great ideas and excellent presentation. Marketing Presentations is aimed at sophomores. This class prepares our students for making professional business presentations. For our majors, all of the presentations they make throughout their junior and senior years are simply chances to fine-tune those skills.

Marketing Research (MTG 341) – Marketing specialists are seen as the experts on customers and competitors. To fulfill that job, we must be very good at getting the right information. All marketing students complete an applied marketing research project for a company in our area. At one recent presentation by our students an executive noted, I worked for Disney for ten years and this is as good as any research we bought from professional research firms. Some of our majors go on to careers in marketing research. All of our majors know how to learn what their company needs to know about customers. Following are some of the recent Marketing Research projects.

  • Bertolet Custom Cabinets
  • Best Displays
  • Bradley - International Business
  • Bradley - Marketing
  • Bradley - MBA program
  • Brewers’ Distributing
  • Caterpillar Rental Stores
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • City of Peoria
  • Five Sense Spa
  • French Toast
  • Goodwill
  • Jewish Federation
  • K-Mart
  • Limestone Walters School
  • LR Nelson
  • Maloof Realty
  • Maria's Tea Room
  • Missouri Valley Conference
  • National Center for Ag Utilization
  • O’Brien Automotive Group
  • Oliver’s Pizza
  • Peoria Journal-Star
  • Peoria Product Shop
  • Peoria Promise
  • Red Cross
  • Salvation Army
  • Schelly Chiropractic
  • St. Jude Catholic School
  • Wine Country

Managerial Marketing (MTG 490) – All marketing graduates have a capstone experience in which they integrate all areas of marketing into one plan. These take the form of secondary-data-based projects or simulations in which they act as product or service managers who must make decisions regarding the entire product lifecycle.

The Customized Program Just for You

We offer concentrations in Professional Sales and in Social Media Marketing. Students who select a concentration follow a prescribed program. Both concentrations are described below.

Most of our students use the flexibility in the marketing degree to work with our expert faculty advisors and craft a customized program that meets their needs. Classes are drawn from a wide array of electives. Offerings in recent semesters include:

  • Professional Selling (MTG 304)
  • Social Media Marketing (MTG 391)
  • International Marketing (MTG 346)
  • Consumer Behavior (MTG 350)
  • Product & Price Strategy (MTG 360)
  • Sports Marketing (MTG 355)
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (MTG 381)
  • Sales Management (MTG 384)
  • Retailing (MTG 393)
  • Services Marketing (MTG 410)
  • Business Marketing (MTG 420)
  • Global Supply Chain Management (MTG 400)

Examples of classes students with specific interests may choose are listed below.

Advertising: Professional Selling (MTG 304), Consumer Behavior (MTG 350), Integrated Marketing Communications (MTG 381), and Strategic Advertising Cases (MTG 405).

Marketing Research:  Consumer Behavior (MTG 350), Product and Price Strategy (MTG 360), Marketing Research II (MTG 441), and an Independent Study or Research in Marketing (MTG 492)

Marketing Management:  International Marketing (MTG 346), Product and Price Strategy (MTG 360), Global Supply Chain Management (MTG 400), Sales Management (MTG 384), Business Marketing (MTG 420)

Retailing:  Retailing (MTG 393), Professional Selling (MTG 304), Consumer Behavior (MTG 350), Product and Price Strategy (MTG 360), Services Marketing (MTG 410).