Concentration in Social Media Marketing

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Engage Business and Society

The Social Media world is a dynamic area of study as new programs, networks, and applications are constantly being launched to enhance or replace existing media. As a Social Media student, you will learn to apply these tools to enhance marketing efforts.

Opportunity to Innovate

In the Social Media concentration, you will learn how to effectively integrate social media into the marketing mix of the firm for which you will work. 

Class offerings include:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Social Media Marketing

As a Social Media Marketing student, you may have opportunities to:

  • Create an integrated marketing communications campaign with social media
  • Obtain leadership positions in on-campus organizations
  • Help companies and non-profits improve fundraising efforts by social media

Course Requirements

The concentration requires 12 hours of specific coursework listed below.

  • MTG 350 Consumer Behavior
  • MTG 381 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MTG 391 Social Media Marketing
  • One 3-hour course from the following list that represents potential domains for the application of social media:
    • MTG 355 Sports Marketing
    • MTG 304 Professional Selling
    • MTG 393 Retailing
    • MTG 405 Strategic Advertising Cases
    • MTG 410 Services Marketing
    • MTG 420 Business Marketing

Impact the World

Jobs for students who complete the coursework in social media continue to increase and include:

  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Digital Media Specialist

"I started taking business and marketing classes my freshman year and since then, I have been able to get an internship, a job in social media, and was able to solidify my majors." 
- Brenna Mulholland '17