Management & Administration

The major in management and administration offers the analytical, problem solving, and decision-making skills needed to meet the challenges of management in commercial and non-profit organizations. Business students at Bradley apply theories learned in the classroom through assignments and projects that emphasize interpersonal, analytical, and communication skills. Coursework helps you develop skills in identifying and solving problems, making decisions, and managing interpersonal relationships.

The management and administration major is one of the most flexible majors in the Foster College. Beyond the three required courses in management, students take four electives within the department—with a wide range of possibilities. For example, if you are interested in small business, you can take courses on small business management and entrepreneurship. Or you can pursue a concentration in human resource management or legal studies in business.

Outside the Classroom

Outside of the classroom, Bradley Management and Administration students enjoy many co-curricular and cooperative learning experiences including: SAM, the Society for the Advancement of Management, Phi Chi Theta, a business and economics fraternity, SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, and WIB, Women in Business. Some students also work closely with faculty on research, consulting, and other projects.


Our curriculum focuses on the transferrable skills needed to prepare students for success and advancement in industry, government, and not-for-profit settings. Students are well-equipped with the breadth of knowledge needed to obtain entry level positions in larger organizations, and the depth of knowledge required to enter directly into middle and upper-level management positions in smaller companies. Students who desire to be marketable no matter the changes in economic environment, personal interests, or geographical restriction are well advised to major in management and administration. Our programs provide excellent preparation in business for a wide range of job opportunities. Recent graduates have entered management or consulting positions and have demonstrated excellent preparation and advancement. National employers such as Accenture, Hewitt Associates, Caterpillar Inc., AT&T, Motorola, and Boeing have hired our recent graduates.  Additionally, students are well prepared for graduate level business courses or public administration programs, law school, and other graduate school programs.

Course Requirements

Requirements for the management and administration major are:

  • M L 356 Human Resource Management
  • M L 357 Leadership and Interpersonal Behavior
  • M L 358 Managerial Decision Making
  • Twelve hours of M L elective courses

Students may choose from a broad array of courses to satisfy their elective requirements, or they may choose one of the following concentrations: human resource management or legal studies in business.

Elective courses include:

  • MIS 272 Mgmt. Applications of Personal Computers
  • MIS 276 E-Commerce
  • M L 315 Principles of Risk Management
  • BLW 342 The Legal Environment of Business
  • BLW 345 Law of Business
  • M L 353 Operations Management
  • M L 355 Labor-Management Relations
  • MIS 378 HCI & Usability Testing
  • ENT 382 Entrepreneurship
  • ENT 383 Managing Entrepreneurial Growth
  • BLW 395 Real Estate Principles
  • BLW 446 Employment Law
  • M L 456 Compensation Management
  • M L 457 HR Theory & Program Design
  • M L459 Topics in Management
  • ENT 489 Topics in Entrepreneurship