Good Samaritan Policy

Bradley University recognizes the importance of prompt and appropriate medical assistance and/or treatment for severe alcohol intoxication, overdose, or physical injury. In an attempt to diminish the barriers for treatment, reduce the harmful consequences of excessive substance use, and increase the likelihood campus community members will call for medical assistance when needed, the Good Samaritan Policy has been created.

  1. If a student calls for medical attention for another student because of severe alcohol intoxication, overdose, or physical injury by calling 911 or campus police (309-677-2000), then the individual initiating the call will not be subject to disciplinary proceedings through the University student conduct system.
  2. A representative of an organization hosting an event who calls for medical attention for an individual present at their event and works cooperatively with responders shall not receive conduct sanctions that might arise from the possession and/or consumption of alcohol, if the situation is an isolated event. Repeated violations of the Bradley University Conduct Policy by an organization will warrant conduct consequences. Failure of an organization to seek appropriate medical assistance may also result in a conduct sanction against an individual or organization.
  3. Responsibility for determining applicability of this policy will be made by the Center for Residential Living and Student Conduct. This policy is not intended to address possible violations of criminal laws or their consequences.
  4. This policy is intended to be a support mechanism for students in need. Any abuse of this policy or any other University policy may result in University conduct sanctions.