Facilities Regulations


  1. Any student organization requesting use of campus grounds for assembly or protest must obtain approval from the Executive Director of Student Involvement, who will consult with appropriate University officials at least 72 hours in advance.
  2. The proposed assembly/protest will typically be approved for 2 - 4 hours. There must be a 24-hour period between assembly/protest activities.
  3. The proposed assembly/protest must allow persons to enter buildings and walk freely on campus.
  4. If the assembly/protest is held when classes are in session, noise may not disrupt academic classrooms.
  5. Persons passing by must be free from harassment from the protesters.
  6. Due to the possible sensitive nature of planned assemblies/protests, the confidentiality of the proposed event will be maintained if requested by the sponsor.
  7. Non-compliance with these procedures and/or a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of Bradley students will be directed to the Director of Student Activities for a conduct referral and individuals who violate these policies may also be subject to University conduct procedures.

Room and Space Usage and Reservation Policies

The complete policy can be found here.

All requests for use of campus facilities must be submitted through the EMS Web App

Questions and Last Updated

Please direct questions to Tom Coy. Last updated on 1/15/2021.

Tom Coy

Tom Coy

Executive Director of Student Involvement

    Markin Center 124
    (309) 677-2890