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CE Mark Information

Besides contacting the Illinois SBDC International Trade Center at Bradley University, there is a wealth of information about the CE Mark on the internet. Some good sites to review are:

  • The U.S. Department of Commerce's Trade Information Center (TIC) has a detailed website discussing the CE Mark which is a great first step for anyone with questions on the CE Mark.
  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) has also complied an information sheet on the CE Mark.
  • The homepage for standards for the European Union and European Free Trade Area. The section on "Directives and Standards" lists what each standards are required for each product category.
  • Homepage of the European Union. This site includes news, official documents, and links to all EU institutions.

CORE Program

CORE is a computer program for assessment of COmpany Readiness to Export

Download CORE

To download the CORE (Company Readiness to Export) program, please click here. Please Note: This file is a .zip archive file, you will need the decompression software from WinZip or StuffIt to access this file.

*More information on the CORE software and technical documentation can be found in the accompanying manual. Users are encouraged to consult this source.

What does the CORE program do?

The CORE Program has been designed as a management tool for self-assessment of COmpany Readiness to Export.Managers can use CORE to identify, in a systematic and objective way, company strengths and weaknesses in the context of exporting.

Based upon user-provided information, the CORE Program generates ratings of your company along two dimensions -- organization and product. Different courses of action are recommended for companies possessing varying degrees of organizational and product readiness to engage in export operations.

How can the CORE program be used?

In addition to individual companies who are interested in evaluating their own readiness to export in a preliminary manner, the CORE Program is useful for additional groups.

First, it can be used as a training tool by export assistance agencies in preparing their client companies for successful export market entry. The CORE Program includes detailed guidelines on the principles of successful international business involvement. The guidelines provide reference information and answers to questions most frequently asked by exporters. As with the rest of the CORE Program, the guidelines can be printed by the user for future use.

Second, the CORE Program can be used as an educational tool in college/university classes and seminars/workshops designed for potential exporters. Users learn about factors pertinent to successful exporting in the process of completing the assessment exercise.

The CORE Program has been developed on the basis of substantial research into those characteristics which differentiate successful exporters from nonexporting companies. It also reflects the collective opinions of numerous experts and seasoned international business executives.

Nonetheless, the conclusions provided by the CORE Program should not be regarded as absolute. The program uses relatively limited information about the user's company and it generates a tentative positioning of organizational and product strengths. As such, it is only the first step in an in-depth examination of a company's export potential to be supplemented with sound business judgment and independent business counseling.

It is essential that the user supplies candid responses for an accurate assessment of company readiness to export. Responses that are not frank will distort the conclusions provided.

Export Documents

Canadian Customs Invoice


Shipper's Export Declaration


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