Business Management Administration with concentration in Legal Studies in Business

The concentration in legal studies provides a solid grounding in those areas of business with a significant legal component such as real estate acquisition and management, business structure, securities regulation, commercial paper, and employment law. Some students with this concentration choose to attend law school after graduation.

Required courses:

  • BLW 342 Legal Environment of Business
  • BLW 345 Law of Business
  • M L 356 Human Resource Management
  • M L 357 Leadership and Interpersonal Behavior
  • M L 358 Managerial Decision Making
  • BLW 395 Real Estate Principles
  • BLW 446 Employment Law
  • One M L elective (see Management & Leadership list)
  • and one of the following:
    • ECO 352 Industrial Organization
    • ECO 362 Economics and Law
    • PLS 317 International Law
    • PLS 459 Constitutional Law
    • PLS 460 Constitutional Law