Fellows current freshmen application can be found Here.

The Fellows program was conceived as a means for instilling leadership skills and civic responsibility through a comprehensive college experience.  Each year, 15 freshmen are selected as Fellows. The selected students receive an annual $1,000 scholarship for their participation in this program.  In return, the Fellows commit to complete the following objectives:

  • Volunteer 40 hours a semester with the majority of the hours for one service agency
  • Serve one office hour per week in the Center’s office
  • Participate in Leadership Development programs
  • Complete a reflection paper at the end of each semester
  • Be an active member in at least one student organization
  • Attend group meetings and one-on-one meetings with the Fellows advisor
  • Volunteer 25 hours during the summer
  • Actively participate in one of the Fellows committees

Through structured leadership development training and service learning, the Bradley University Fellows Program develops campus and community leaders.  Because of their volunteer experiences, a large percentage of Bradley Fellows go on to careers in the “helping profession,” including public service and government affairs, nonprofit organizations, counseling and education. 

Fellows graduates also continue their tradition of civic engagement by volunteering in their communities and being board members of agencies and organizations.  One of our Fellows started volunteering for the West Peoria Fire Department during his junior year at Bradley.  Now, nine years after graduating, he is a volunteer firefighter in the suburbs of Chicago.  This is just one of many stories of our Fellows turning a volunteer experience into a lifetime commitment.

Each Fellow is awarded a scholarship in recognition of their involvement with the program.  The following individuals have provided endowments to provide some of scholarships.  The Fellows program could not exist without their generosity.  Our deepest appreciation to:

  • Ruth Kramer Memorial Scholarship
  • Kathryn Jacquin Simpson (Judge John Niehaus Fellowship) 
  • Lincoln Office Supply (Lincoln Office Endowed Fellowships for Leadership and Public Service)
  • Mr. Ed King (The Ed King Scholarship)
  • The Robert E. Coker Family (The Robert E. Coker Memorial Scholarship)
  • George P. Shadid Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
  • Michael and Gillian Draper Family Endowed Scholarship