Lecture Series

The Bradley University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Lecture Series is designed to celebrate faculty scholarship, stimulate conversation, and foster scholarly community. The College is home to one hundred and twenty-eight faculty members who engage in remarkable scholarly research and creative activity ranging from scientific advances to philosophical inquiries. Our Lecture Series facilitates public dissemination of this scholarship with students, faculty, staff, and community members. We hope to develop new collaborations across disciplinary boundaries, promote research in the college, and facilitate an ongoing scholarly discussion. The LAS Lecture Series elevates our College profile and advances us toward our goal of becoming a university of national distinction.

Upcoming Lecture:

Hiding a Gigaton of Carbon: The Role of Soils in a Changing Climate

Dr. Sherri Morris will discuss soil carbon dynamics in the context of the changing climate and specifically her research on land use change. Her studies have examined the impacts of afforestation on soil carbon pools and flux.  The results provide data that inform models used for understanding global climate change and aid those responsible for developing policies for mitigating those impacts.

Previous Lectures:

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