Lecture Series

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is home to 130-plus talented, full-time faculty member, many of whom enjoy national and even international reputations.  Established in 2012, this lecture series provides an excellent venue to draw attention to and celebrate our professors' professional expertise and their outstanding scholarly and creative work.  This lecture series also creates a regular and exciting opportunity to publicly disseminate scholarly knowledge and creative insights to students, faculty, staff and members of the greater community.  Furthermore, it holds the potential to spark new ideas, forge fruitful collaborations and promote continuing inquiry and dialogue on a range of compelling issues in the humanities, social sciences, natural and computational sciences and mathematics.  As a result, the lecture series serves to highlight the enduring and transformative value of liberal arts and sciences at Bradley University and beyond.

Upcoming Lecture:

Putting your LAS Degree to Work:  A Panel Discussion 

Join us on April 13, 2015 at 7pm in Westlake Hall 116. Come hear what the experts have to say about how critical analysis, problem-solving and excellent communication skills are crucial for success in today's job market.  The panel will be introduced by Smith Career Center LAS Liaison Dr. Rick Smith.  The panel is comprised of:

  • Panel Moderator Dr. Chris Jones, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professor of Political Science
  • Panelist Mr. David Brant '74, 2008 Psychology Distinguished Award winner, former Director of NCIS (1997-2005) and Managing Director, Public Sector Practice, BDO
  • Panelist Ms. Laura Huth '92, Political Science Alumna, 2015 LAS Entrepreneur-in-Residence, former Urbana city councilwoman and President/CEO of do good Consulting
  • Panelist Dr. Robert Prescott, Associate Professor of English at Bradley University and author of Why to Major in English if You're NOT Going to Teach (Kendall Hunt, 2010)

Previous Lectures:

"Poetry in the Public Sphere"
Kevin Stein

Video: 1:17:01

"Hiding a Gigaton of Carbon: The Role of Soils in a Changing Climate"
Dr. Sherri Morris

Video: 50:53

"The Antibiotic Crisis: Is the End of the Antibiotic Era Near?"
Dr. Brad Andersh

Video: 40:24

"Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom"
Dr. Emily Gill

Video: 39:42

"Viewing Religion Through the Lens of the Liberal Arts and Sciences"
Dr. Robert Fuller

Video: 1:16:20

"So You Want to be a Writer? A Reading and Conversation on the Craft of Fiction"
Dr. Devin Murphy

Video: 1:12:43

"Loving Yourself, Loving Others, and Loving the One You're With"
Dr. David Schmitt

Video: 49:06

"Can Art Do Anything Great?"
Dr. Michael Greene

Video: 1:46:22