One of the fastest growing areas of study at Bradley, the entrepreneurship major offers the knowledge and skills to start your own business, innovate your family business, work for growth-oriented firms, or bring an entrepreneurial perspective to your chosen field. 

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the process of discovery, evaluation and exploitation of opportunities.  This can then include things like:

  • the creation of new organizations, for-profit or not-for-profit
  • the creation of new products or services
  • solving problems, coming up with new ideas, innovating new things

Entrepreneurship majors are taught to think entrepreneurially.  This includes learning:

  • entrepreneurial alertness  – the ability to recognize opportunities that others miss
  • creativity – the ability to create work that is novel and useful
  • invention – a new idea or act of creation
  • innovation - the successful introduction/commercialization of new products or practices within an organization
  • discovery, evaluation and exploitation of opportunities­ – recognize trends, solve problems, determine feasibility

Students can have jobs in many different arenas:

  • starting high-growth entrepreneurial ventures
  • starting smaller, lifestyle firms
  • taking over a family business
  • working in a start-up venture
  • project manager for an innovative firm
  • member of a new product design team
  • any job that requires a creative thinker and problem solver

The entrepreneurship curriculum gives you the opportunity to apply what you are learning. Working in teams, entrepreneurship students serve as consultants to real business clients. Students perform numerous activities for their clients, such as designing business plans or analyzing markets. These projects provide students with invaluable real work experiences of reasoning, problem solving, and decision-making, and improve students’ communication skills.

Students can take courses in creativity and innovation, business planning, social entrepreneurship, technology entrepreneurship, managing entrepreneurial growth, entrepreneurial finance and experiential entrepreneurship, where students will get the chance to start their own business.

Outside the Classroom

Outside the classroom, you can enhance your entrepreneurship skills through a wealth of co-curricular and cooperative learning experiences. You have the opportunity to join the Bradley chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a national organization for entrepreneurially-oriented students, whose academic home is here at Bradley University.

The Foster College of Business sponsors five business centers, including the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship, which expose students to the practical applications of “real world” business.   The Turner Center also actively consults with students if they choose to start their own business.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can compete in Project Springboard. The Project Springboard competition brings students real-life business planning experience and the opportunity to win cash and services valued at over $120,000 to help them successfully launch their new business venture.


Bradley’s entrepreneurship students are prepared to research new product or service ideas, determine their feasibility, and develop business plans necessary to launch a business, a new product, or a new service. They also develop the skills to operate a business once it is started, grow the business, and eventually sell it or pass it on to the next generation. Students with an entrepreneurship major are also prepared for careers in consulting or working within a larger organization.

Course Requirements

Requirements for the entrepreneurship major are:

  • BMA 280 Entrepreneurial Creativity
  • BMA 281 The Entrepreneurial Career
  • BMA 382 Entrepreneurship
  • BMA 383 Managing Entrepreneurial Growth
  • BMA/FIN 384 Entrepreneurial Finance or ATG 204 Cost Accounting
  • BMA 482 Entrepreneurial Experience
  • 6 hours chosen from the following courses:
    • BMA 357 Leadership and Interpersonal Behavior
    • BMA 385 Technology Entrepreneurship
    • BMA 386 Social Entrepreneurship
    • BMA 488 Internship in Entrepreneurship
    • BMA 489 Topics in Entrepreneurship
    • A course approved by department chair