Current Season


18_PicnicApril 19-29, 2018

By William Inge

As the residents of a small Kansas town prepare for their annual Labor Day picnic, the arrival of a passionate drifter turns their lives upside down. We proudly revive this Pulitzer Prize-winning classic (later a film starring William Holden and Kim Novak), in which the master of American realism depicts a rich gallery of heartland archetypes, pits the longings of youth against the desperate complacency of middle age, and reveals the urgent hopes beneath the surface of "ordinary" life in the 1950s.

Mrs. Potts Africa Hill
Hal Carter Tyler Pesko
Millie Owens Sam Zucker
Bomber Kenny Case
Madge Owens Noelle Mefford
Flo Owens Cassy Lillwitz
Rosemary Sydney Emma Murphy
Alan Seymour Zach Daly
Irma Kronkite Bailey Stockhecke
Christine Schoenwalder Alicia Vasquez
Howard Bevans Trevor Bary
Director Dan Matisa
Assistant Director Lluvia Lopez
Stage Manager Lucy Silva
Assistant Stage Manager Kendra Drew
Assistant Stage Manager Grace Sergott
Scenic Designer Chad Lowell
Assistant Scenic Designer Kayla Frad
Technical Director Johanna Miller
Assistant Lighting Designer Erich Kohberger
Master Electrician Sam Conklin
Master Carpenter Brent Sancken
Lighting Designer Zavier Simmons
Light Board Operator Joe Parker
Sound Designer Cierra Conrad
Sound Board Operator Malik Jenkins
Prop Master Katie Wilson
Assistant Props Stephanie Begalke
Costume Designer Becki Arnold
Hair & Makeup Designer Derek Baunach
Dramaturg Ellie Stamper
Assistant Dramaturg Valerie Jardine
Charge Artist Allyson McKie
Assistant Paint Charge Hannah Gustafson
Wardrobe Head Laurel Burringtonn
Dresser Sarah Coughlin, Karlee Frewert
Make Up Run Crew Susan Falk
Run Crew Devon Swafford, Dylan Reinecke, Robert Spencer

Dead Man's Cell Phone

17-18_deadMansCellPhoneFebruary 22 - March 4, 2018

Jean Rebekah Farr
Gordon Zach Olson
Dwight Jake Winkle
Hermia Hannah Gustafson
Mrs. Gottlieb Jody Holtz
Other Woman/Stranger Susan Falk
Director Sarah Salazar-Martin
Assistant Director Trevor Baty
Stage Manager Katie Wilson
Assistant Stage Manager Bailey Stockhecke
Assistant Stage Manager Zach Murphy
Scenic/Lighting Designer Chad Lowell
Technical Director/Charge Artist Johanna Miller
Assistant Lighting Designer Erich Kohberger
Master Electrician Brent Sancken
Master Carpenter Cierra Conrad
Assistant Technical Director Kevin Mikolajzack
Props Master Kayla Frad
Assistant Props Master Karlee Frewert
Costumes/Hair/Makeup Designer Nikki Wheeler
Sound Designer Michelle Rice
Dramaturg Camille Sanders
Publicity Mackenzie Newman
Assistant Paint Charge Michaela Nelson-Frierson
Run Crew Sydney Foe, Maygan Dempsey
Wardrobe Head Abby Hill
Dresser Codi LaCross, Africa Hill
Light Board Operator Keegan Burkhardt
Sound Board Operator Quinn Webber

English Made Simple and other short plays

November 15-19, 2017

Little Women, The Musical

October 19 - October 29, 2017



Jo March Cassy Lillwitz
Professor Bhaer Trevor Baty
Amy March Leslie Allen
Meg March Noelle Medford
Beth March Rebkah Farr
Marmee March Becca Largent
Mr. Laurence Charles Brown
Laurie Laurence Derek Baunach
Aunt March/Mrs. Kirk Emma Murphy
Mr. John Brooke Zach Olson
Ensemble Kiana Baylor
Ensemble Joe King
Ensemble Ashleigh Owens
Ensemble Haley Rapisarda

Production Staff

Costume Studio Supervisor Nikki Wheeler
Assistant Choreographer Emma Murphy
Assistant Costume Designer Anna Gavalick
Assistant Scenic Designer Kayla Frad
Assistant Stage Managers Kendra Drew, Chris Noonan
Assistant Sound Designer Cierra Conrad
Master Electrician Morgan Brennan
Sound Advisor Chad Lowell
Sound Board Operators Michelle Rice, Cierra Conrad
Light Board Operator Alicia Vazquez
Follow Spot Operators Alyssa Pietryzk, Devon Swafford
Wardrobe Head Abigail Krock
Properties Master Lluvia Lopez
Assistant Props Zach Murphy
Run Crew Kenny Case, Malik Jenkins
Props Run Crew Seth Boyer, Codi LaCross
Charge Artist Kayla Frad
Dressers Laurel Burrington, Alyse Holzkopf, Bailey Stockhecke
Wig Master/Music Run Crew Mia Katz
Scene Shop Staff Kayla Frad, Will McDermith, Michelle Rice, Luz Silva
Scene Shop Crew Allison Antisdel, Tyler Figueroa, Nelson Gutierrez,
Gabriella Maestropoalo, Bryan Owei, Ashley Owens, Joe Parker,
McAllister Sontag
Electrics Crew Keegan Burkhardt, Sam Concklin, Brent Sancken, Quinn Weber,
Tanner Wilhelm, Jake Winkle
Costume Construction Crew Leslie Allen, Rian Anderson, Africa Hill, Grace Sergott
Publicists Susan Falk, Sophia Fishkin
Conductor/Keyboard 3 Susan Sommerville Brown
Keyboard 1 & Rehearsal Accompanist Joel Harper
Bass Andy Greiner
Drums/Percussion Logan Meixsell
Reeds Mark Filip
French Horn/Keyboard 2 Dawn Clark
Trumpet Nicole Gillotti