Admission Information

The minimum eligibility requirements for international students applying to the Graduate School include:

  1. A bachelor's degree considered to be the equivalent of a US bachelor's degree.
    The bachelor's degree requirement is met by most applicants who complete a four-year university-level degree program in their country.  A three-year bachelor's degree, such as the B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., LL.B., etc. is not considered equivalent to a US bachelor's degree.  In those circumstances, applicants are required to complete the two-year M.A., M.Sc., M.Com., LL.M., etc., in order to be eligible to apply.  An additional one year of study beyond the B.A., B.Sc., etc., does not fulfill the minimum eligibility requirement.
  2. Evidence of English language proficiency (minimum 79 iBT TOEFL, 6.5 academic IELTS, or 58 PTE Academic).
  3. Past academic performance considered "above average."
  4. If applying for an F or J visa, documented ability to pay educational and living expenses for at least one academic year of study at Bradley University using our Affidavit of Support.

These items incorporate admission requirements of the Graduate School at Bradley University and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Application Deadlines

May 15th for those applying for the Fall Semester, which begins in August.

October 15th for those applying for the Spring Semester, which begins in mid-January.

Note: The Graduate School does not apply hard deadlines but instead operates on a "rolling admission" basis. This means the Graduate School will process all applications as received until it is impossible to finalize admission for the student in a given semester. Those applications received too late for a given semester will be processed for the next available semester and the applicant will be notified. NOTE: In order to process an application, we must receive all supporting documents on the "Check-off lists".

Communicating with the Graduate School

Written Communications

We recognize that around the world, various national and local cultures have different customs when sharing their names. In the US, when we refer to your "last" name, we are referring to your family name or surname. When we refer to your "first" and "middle" name, we are referring to your first and second given names. Please use your name as it appears on your passport when communicating with us, especially when completing your application.

In order to streamline our processes, your application and other documents will be filed in our office and our computer databases alphabetically by your surname or family name. You will also be assigned a Bradley ID (identification) number that will be provided to you in an email application acknowledgement from the Graduate School.

It is extremely important to be consistent in how your name is spelled and presented.  When handwritten, please print clearly; typewritten is preferred.  Provide us with your family (surname), followed by a comma, then your first and second given names, in that order.  For example: Shah, Govindra Kumar or Li, Ying-Ying.  If your name appears differently on the other documents you submit, please attach a letter of explanation giving us the various ways your name will appear.  Please do not use an initial or abbreviation for your last name!  The fastest way for us to answer your questions about the status of your application is to give us your complete name (surname, given name) and your ID number.

Electronic Communications

When communicating with us by e-mail, we ask that you complete the subject line on each message you send as follows: SURNAME, First Name, Second Name. In the body of your e-mail message, include your ID number (as given to you by the Graduate School).  If you discontinue your account with your Internet provider, or if you change your address, please let us know immediately.

Our Graduate School office staff reads and responds to e-mails daily during office hours but please remember there will always be a delay between Friday afternoon and Monday (and during US holidays) due to the office being closed. Your message is important to us and you should receive a response from us within three to five business days.

We ask that you send your message to just one person or address at Bradley University. If you have sent it to the wrong office, they will forward it to us.

Social Networking

We encourage you to interact with us on facebook and twitter! We use social networking sites to share news and information and engage with students about a variety of topics. However, social networking sites are not the best way to communicate with us about your application and admission. We are bound by internal policy and international laws to keep your personal information confidential. The best way to reach us about your admission status or other issues related to becoming a Bradley student is email or written communication.