Grade Point System

The grading system of the University for undergraduate students is based on the following:

Marks - Honor points per semester hour

  • A - High competence 4
  • B - Competence 3
  • C - Minimum competence 2
  • D - Limited or incomplete competence 1
  • F - Inadequate competence for credit 0
  • IN - Instructor lacks sufficient evidence to award a letter grade
  • IP - Work in progress. Graduate level and certain approved undergraduate courses. Research work (theses, reading courses, special research problems) carried over more than one semester.
  • I - Permanent Incomplete
  • P - Pass (certain courses approved for Pass/Fail)
  • S - Satisfactory
  • U - Unsatisfactory
  • W - Official withdrawal
  • X - Audit
  • UX - Unsatisfactory audit

Grade point average is determined by dividing honor points by semester hours. Only work registered through Bradley University is used in calculation of grade point averages. Courses taken for audit are recorded on the student's permanent academic record as completed satisfactorily ("X"), completed unsatisfactorily ("UX"), or withdrawn ("W"). Marks of "IN," "IP," "P," "UX," "W," and "X" are not considered in calculating the grade point average. For repeated courses, the last grade and credits earned shall be the only ones used in the calculation of grade point averages. Credit earned by proficiency examination is not used in the calculation of grade point averages.