Convergence at Bradley

At the heart of a Bradley education is the idea of convergence, an innovative, creative, and collaborative approach to learning. This kind of interdisciplinary education differentiates us from our competitors and expands our students’ opportunities for success both now and in the future. Convergence isn’t a class our undergraduate students will take, it’s the means by which they will become more well-rounded individuals, who will be better equipped to deal with the rapid pace of society and the marketplace.

Although cross-collaboration and interdisciplinary activities are not new to Bradley, convergence will enable their growth. Over the past several years each of the university’s five colleges has had some type of convergence activity with a total of more than 1,000 students, 160 projects and nearly 200 external partners.

To learn more about convergence and to see the types of projects involved, vsit the about page.

Convergence in Action

A Man and His Machines

A lifelong innovator, Steve Pierz MBA ’94 brings his engineering and business savvy to build a bricklaying robot Down Under.

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