Curricular Practical Training

When you apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT), your work authorization is granted on a semester basis and is employer specific. If you wish to work for more than one semester or change employers, you will have to reapply with a new CPT application. You are authorized to work at the employer and specific dates listed on your I-20 only. You may not work before you receive your I-20 and you may not work for any other company than the authorized employer.


In order to be eligible for CPT, you must have been enrolled full-time for one academic year (a fall and spring semester).  In addition to being enrolled for an academic year, you must have maintained your F-1 visa status. Your CPT will only be approved if you are enrolled in an internship course and if you have gone through the process below.


Follow the steps below to complete your CPT Application.

  1. Receive offer letter:
    • Must be printed on company letterhead, signed by the employer, and include the following:
      • job title and description of job duties
      • start and end dates of employment
      • hours per week
      • address of physical work location
      • supervisor’s name, title, address, phone, and email address
      • company website
  1. Fill out “Part 1” of the CPT Application:
    • As the student, you will only fill out the first part of the application
  2. Your Academic Advisor or Graduate Coordinator fills out “Part 2”:
    • Take both your offer letter and your CPT application to your academic advisor or graduate coordinator.
    • You and your advisor should review the offer to determine if the job fits with your major and if the experience will relate to your academic program.
    • If your advisor approves of the internship, they will complete “Part 2” of the CPT application. You, as the student, should not fill out or sign “Part 2” of the application.
  3. Make and attend an appointment with Rick Smith in the Smith Career Center
    • Take both your offer letter and your CPT application to your appointment at the Smith Career Center.
    • During the appointment, you will complete paperwork for approval and enrollment in an internship course.
    • Once the SCC has approved you for the internship course, they will complete “Part 3” of the CPT application and return the form to you.
  4. Bring the completed CPT Application to OISSS:
    • Once your CPT application is filled out completely, including the required signatures from your academic advisor/graduate coordinator and the Smith Career Center, drop off the application at OISSS in Bradley Hall 215.
  5. Pick up your CPT approved I-20 from OISSS:
    • Once OISSS has received the completed application, we will authorize your employment and print a new I-20 within 1 to 3 business days.
    • Your CPT employment authorization will appear on the second page of your I-20.
  6. Begin work on your approved start date:
    • Again, you will not be able to work for your internship until you have been approved for CPT and you have received your CPT authorized I-20.


  • In order to receive CPT, you are required to enroll in an internship course. If you drop the internship course, your CPT is no longer authorized and you can be terminated for unauthorized employment.
  • Graduate students may be charged a $100 registration fee for their internship course (contact the Graduate School with questions).
  • As part of your registered internship course, you will be given assignments. Be sure to complete all assignments to receive a pass grade for the course.
  • CPT is time and employer specific, you are only allowed to work for the employer listed on your I-20 for the dates specified.
  • If you are authorized for full-time CPT, be aware that if you accumulate 12 months of full-time CPT, you will be ineligible for OPT.
  • If you are in your last semester and you wish to have an internship, your site of employment must be within 200 miles of campus.
  • If you are in your last semester, you cannot be enrolled in only CPT. For Graduate Students, if you need to enroll in a zero-credit course, please speak with the Graduate School about the appropriate course.
  • If you wish to have CPT over multiple semesters, your CPT dates can go beyond the semester as long as it ends before the next major semester.
  • Once you have completed all of your course requirements at Bradley, you are no longer eligible for CPT unless you start a new degree program.

Documentation Required

  • CPT Application
  • Internship Offer Letter (given to the Smith Career Center at time of appointment)