Degree Completion

Bradley University offers two undergraduate online degree completion programs, one in General Studies, sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and another in Interdisciplinary Innovation, sponsored by our Turner School for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. They can be a great fit if you’ve already completed at least 90 hours of college coursework but were unable to finish your degree.

Most of our students in these programs already hold responsible positions, but the lack of a college degree has held them back. Others are pursuing the degree for personal satisfaction or to finish college before their children do.

Whatever your reason, one of these interdisciplinary programs could be right for you. They’ll help you develop diverse skills — including leadership — in a way that’s more appropriate than a traditional program. Workplace and civic leadership require breadth, not narrowness of knowledge and skill; they require social awareness, ethical vision, and excellent powers of communication.

Working with the program director, you’ll design a unique, flexible curriculum of online courses, building on the strengths you’ve already developed through previous coursework. You’ll complete any missing all-university requirements, like the Bradley Core Curriculum. You’ll also finish the remaining requirements for the specific program—General Studies or Interdisciplinary Innovation.

Both programs require you to take a minimum of 30 hours at Bradley. Many of our students pursue their degrees part-time in three annual sessions: fall, spring, and summer. By taking two courses per term, you can complete 30 hours in as little as two years. This allows you to earn the 120 minimum number of credit hours for any Bradley degree.

General Studies Degree Completion

Pursue a broad range of topics to enhance your career goals in one of four popular pathways.

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Interdisciplinary Innovation Degree Completion

Develop your entrepreneurial spirit and learn creative ways to solve today’s problems and build the industries of tomorrow.

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